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[new-icon-section icon=”dashboard” icon_color=”blue” headline=”Find app performance problems”]Ensure your user’s positive experience by capturing performance issues as they happen. Identify parts of your code pieces that need performance tuning.[/new-icon-section]
[new-icon-section icon=”metrics” icon_color=”green” headline=”Track important app metrics”] Stackify makes it easy to monitor the key metrics and performance indicators that are relevant to your application and business.[/new-icon-section]
[new-icon-section icon=”bug” icon_color=”grey” headline=”Intelligent error reporting & alerting”]Stackify can aggregate all of your application errors and alert you when a new error or high error rates occur.[/new-icon-section]
[new-icon-section class=”” icon=”logs” icon_color=”grey” headline=”Search and view app logs”]Stackify can aggregate all of your application logs together so developers can troubleshoot application problems quickly.[/new-icon-section]

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[new-icon-section class=”margin-down-25″ icon=”shield” icon_color=”pink” headline=”Solve production access problems”]Give developers the access they need to troubleshoot application problems without giving them administrator privileges.[/new-icon-section]