Stackify provides operations, support managers and software developers with an innovative cloud based platform that allows them to monitor and troubleshoot their applications. Using Stackify businesses can easily and quickly detect and resolve application issues. Stackify provides insight as to why an application isn’t working, is slow, or just acting weird allowing developers to quickly fix the problem. The platform combines performance monitoring, errors aggregation, custom app metrics, integrated error & log management , notification and secured data visibility all-in-one solution.

Stackify was founded in January 2012 by Matt Watson. Before Stackify he was the CTO of a rapidly growing enterprise software service (SaaS) provider. He noticed that agile development had caused his developers to be much more involved in day-to-day IT operations, but his team lacked the tools and server access to do it efficiently. He founded Stackify to create a suite of tools to solve this problem – a problem that virtually every software development team has.

Our Crew

Matt Watson

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Matt Watson founded Stackify in 2012 and as CEO provides the vision and leadership for the direction of the company. Prior to founding Stackify, he was the founder and CTO of VinSolutions. VinSolutions’ innovative product offering led to rapid company growth and was even featured on the Inc. 500 (#447) in 2010. Matt is an entrepreneur at heart and excels at product and software development.

Matt studied Computer Information Systems at DeVry University. He started programming when he was in middle school to automate playing video games while he was at school. He hasn’t stopped programming since and loves anything technology related. Other hobbies include working too much, travel, movies, golf, cars, and of course his family.

Jason Taylor

Chief Technology Officer

Jason has worked in a number of high-growth business units centered around delivering Software as a Service. The experiences gained in those shops directly led him to Stackify, and those experiences help shape the product. Jason has led small and medium sized development teams through his career and is intently focused on delivering a great product while helping developers grow, learn, and realize their full potential. He is responsible for all software development activities at Stackify, and product delivery.

In his free time, Jason enjoys homebrewing, golfing, and traveling the world.

Craig Ferril

Chief Operations Officer

Craig leads the operational aspects of Stackify, making sure that the business is as nimble as the development team. He brings with him a passion for applying Lean principles to software and business alike, along with 15 years of experience leading software engineering and IT operations for start-ups, SaaS companies, and large enterprises. His background included leading teams that supported production software, which is where his passion for Stackify’s mission of helping developers and DevOps teams originates from. A Renaissance man wannabe, Craig dabbles in everything from brewing beer, to photography, to driving on a race track at high speeds.

Jim Burroughs

Vice President of Sales & Business Development

Jim is responsible for leading Stackify’s sales and business development organizations . Jim has built and led organizations for several successful enterprise software companies where he was responsible for developing and successfully executing direct and partner sales organizations that generated significant year over year revenue growth. For Jim the key to working with some of the worlds most successful IT organization and company’s is gaining their trust in Stackify solutions and its people and then delivering sustained measurable value for them. The key to building that trust is demonstrating solid experience and expertise in the systems and application management market backed by rock solid software and a track record of serving customers with integrity every day. Prior to Stackify Jim has served as president, vice president and director of sales for high growth software companies including Nolio Inc, NetApp, Onaro Inc, Motive Inc and Tivoli Systems

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