Why Stackify

Application developers & IT professionals today face an immense challenge in supporting their production apps. When an app misbehaves, it’s common for this to impact customers, revenue, and reputation. The pressure is on to answer these three questions as quickly as possible.

Why is my application down?

Why is my application slow?

Why is my application acting weird?

With Stackify, now it’s easier than ever to connect the dots. Stackify offers easy installation and setup; a single, intuitive platform that shows comprehensive insights in a single pane of glass; centralized access management for safe and secure troubleshooting without needing to remotely access a server or VM.

No more point solutions, get all the information you need to diagnose, troubleshoot, resolve and prevent application issues.


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Application are complex, supporting them shouldn’t be

Supporting complex business applications requires access and correlating details across multiple sources and tools. Stackify’s solution provides an unmatched combination of tools that collect application and server related diagnostic data at all levels, which include not only performance monitoring, but also trends, user satisfaction, error rates, and the relations between the servers and applications.

  • Simple  installation providing an immediate value with smart defaults and auto-discovery.
  • Focus your resources on the places that affect your business the most.
  • Integrated correlated data, not a point solution.

DevOps visibility out of the box to support agile development

Agile development makes release cycles shorter than they used to be in the past, forcing developers to be more involved in day-to-day IT operations. However, at the same time it reduces developers ability to get the information they need to resolve issues in their applications. Stackify brings all the relevant information needed for developers and operations to diagnose the issue and effectively resolve it in a secured manner.

  • DevOps visibility allows you to manage the risks associated with agile development.
  • Allow developers to get the data they need without the risk of direct login.
  • Improve your customer support – act before customers feel issue’s affect.

Better velocity – go to production faster and find issues before your customers do

You ask your developers to fix bugs but don’t give them the access or tools needed to reproduce them in production. Fixing bugs is not easy when you are looking for a needle in an Appstack especially when there are many more of them queued up. Give your developers the insights they need to quickly to reproduce and fix application issues.

Secured access

Logging into dozens of servers via SSH or RDP to check multiple potential problems is very time consuming. Stackify is designed to help you to check the health of all of your applications across all of your servers from one place.

Access to production servers is limited in many organizations to ensure the system’s integrity. Using Stackify, developers and support personnel can get secured configurable read-only access to any set of files on the server without the risk associated with direct login. Minimizing the risk of unintended production changes or unwarranted data access. Sensitive data can be masked out via customized rules to ensure privacy and security. Stackify automatically maintain an audit log of all activities allowing for accountability, traceability and compliance with various regulations.

Dynamic solution in a dynamic environment – reduce human errors

Today’s cloud-based applications are highly dynamic and span many servers and dependent services. Stackify automatically identifies the active application on every server at every given moment and automatically applies the correct configuration and analysis to monitor them. This reduces the need for error-prone manual  configuration and allow for complete data and trends collection.

  • Auto-discovery to identify all app active servers and apply the relevant monitors
  • Templates to achieve conformity in monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Seamlessly scale up and down with your environment

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Connecting the dots for you

You are on the hook if customers are screaming. You need to know if your application is performing properly, and know that if it doesn’t. Your team should have the tools to detect and resolve it quickly and prevent it from happen again. Stackify provide you with the complete picture of your app’s health and issues.

  • Proactively prevent the loss of customers and revenues.
  • Situational awareness and contextual information.
  • Efficiently use your resources ensuring focus on the right issues during working hours.
  • Reduce the amount of after-hours calls and increase your user satisfaction.

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What our customers are saying about us

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