3 Skills Devs Need NOW That They Didn’t Need 5 Years Ago

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The world of tech changes in a blink of an eye. When developing your own product and founding a company, your skills have to grow at the speed of that change. Successful developers-turned-founders gave us their top skills they believe are invaluable in this age of technology.
1. Skill Flexibility
With a rapidly growing tech market, developers have to stay on their toes and keep their skills sharp. Founder of SnapIT Solutions, Neelima Parasker, found flexibility to be key to long term success. “What’s cool in the market may not be right – keep abreast of what’s changing in the market.” Keep on top of your game by attending webinars, subscribing to our newsletters, and never stop learning.2. Code Bilingual

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2. Code Bilingual
The more you know, the better off you will be. From C++, Python, and new developments such as Ruby, your language skills are going to be a prime asset. Todd Moore, developer and founder of the White Noise app, coded his most successful product in 4 different languages. “You have to learn more than one tool. The more languages, the more valuable you’ll become. In the past you could specialize, but you’re integrating a lot more now.“ Keep on top of your languages, and practice in some of the ones you don’t use as often to keep your knowledge base fresh.

3. Marketing
A skill that was cited frequently by founders is marketing and sales. Developing a launching a product is only the first of many steps to success, and you have to appeal to the masses. Jeff Atwood, Founder of Stack Overflow and Discourse, says that this is the top skill he would teach developers. “The art and science of building a product and the levels of purchasing. It’s important to spend some time thinking about marketing.” Unless you know how to sell, your business is only a hobby until people are buying.

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