application management prevents movie apocalypses

6 Movies Where Server Monitoring Could Have Saved Mankind

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There’s a long-running conceit in the field of science fiction that eventually technology will surpass our control and take over the world. That may eventually be so, but it won’t happen on our watch.

Check out six movies where some web application and server monitoring could’ve come in very handy to stop the apocalypse!

The Machines Attack!

As computers get “smarter”, there’s a fear that eventually they’ll become self-aware and not want to be slaves to humans any longer. Server monitoring and application troubleshooting would help discover these abnormalities and show the computers doing things they aren’t intended to do.

The Terminator
The mega-popular four-film series shows the fallout from a future where a computer network called “Skynet” becomes self-aware and takes out mankind with a bunch of nuclear bombs. With proper log monitoring and remote server access, Cyberdyne Systems could have halted the rogue application from destroying civilization.

The Matrix

Humans are placated from a harsh reality of a machine takeover by having their minds imprisoned in a computer-generated reality called “The Matrix”. At the very least, having access to the Matrix’s log files would have been far easier to interpret than the scrolling green characters they had access to aboard the Nebuchadnezzar.

2001: A Space Odyssey

A computer (HAL 9000) aboard a spaceship endangers the lives of the humans aboard for the sake of its mission. Even 45 years ago, people were paranoid that one day machines would rise up against us – a sentiment every developer debugging an application can relate to.

The Machines Malfunction!

Cold War-era America was a scary place. Add to that a burgeoning (and relatively unknown in the mainstream) technology in computers, and you have a recipe for fear-based movie making. Both of the movies below show what happens when computer programs make mistakes and the dire consequences they could bring down on mankind.

With some simple application and server monitoring in place, developers should be able to easily troubleshoot both of these bugs before they ever even happen.


A kid initiates a game with a military computer that accidentally sets World War 3 in motion! Surely there was a programmer in the Department of Defense who was kicking himself for not restricting access to production servers after that debacle.


Computer error leads to an accidental nuclear air-strike of Moscow. (*Spoiler*) The US detonates a nuclear bomb in New York to avoid World War 3 with the Soviets. It’s a bit of a downer.

Man Uses Machines!


Without a series of checks and balances, power can corrupt. A sophisticated server monitoring program could track what the bad guys are up to and send alerts of the intrusion to the right people. Tron may not include an apocalypse, but a world where Dillinger and the Master Control Program had control would not be kind to humans.

Fortunately, most of the projects we work on are not a matter of national security, and are not likely to trigger thermonuclear war. However, when things crash, your users’ wrath can be reminiscent of an all-out war. Let Stackify be your Jeff Bridges, so you don’t end up dooming mankind with your next application!