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9 Best Cloud Services, AWS, and Azure Infographics

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Good luck escaping the cloud! It’s everywhere, and only going to continue growing. It’s so prevalent that not even mega-private people like Ron Swanson can escape “The Cloud” and its data:

While Amazon is the clear leader in market share for cloud services, Microsoft’s Azure is no slouch. If either cloud service goes down, it can seem like the entire internet isn’t working!

With something that has become so ubiquitous in our lives, it’s no surprise there are a bunch of amazing infographics about the cloud online. Take a look at all these pretty stats!

Growth of the Cloud

Cisco projects the cloud to grow by a factor of twelve by 2015.


Demystifying Amazon Web Services

Just how big is Amazon Web Services? Take a look in this wonderful AWS infographic!


The Evolution of the Web

An amazing interactive website about the Internet. be sure to click the “The Growth of the Internet” tab across the top of the page for more.


The Cloud Impact and Adoption

Predictions for where the cloud is going over the next few years.


Today’s Cloud Computing Landscape

Today’s companies in the cloud. Employees, revenues, and CEO compensations.


The Rise of the Cloud

Cloud computing growth. Where will we be in 2020 in terms of jobs, applications, and investments.


The Rise of Cloud Gaming

Gaming in the cloud has exploded in the last few years and has been the pioneer of many cloud computing innovations.


Cloud Economics

An info-rich infographic showing how other countries are handling the transition to cloud computing. In Soviet Russia, cloud computes you!


Why Cloud is a Big Deal for Small Businesses

Want to know why the cloud is so awesome for small businesses? It’s impressive how much faster a startup can set up shop without huge amounts of capital.