Node.js Performance Monitoring

Node.js Performance Monitoring

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Software developers use the Node.js environment to develop robust and innovative applications. But the bigger the goal, the higher the risk. Learn about Node.js performance monitoring to ensure quality and risk-free software products. Part of diligent software development is making sure all system applications work well individually and as a whole. Alongside functionality tests and quality assurance procedures, it’s imperative …

Top 5 Node.js performance measurement metrics

The Top 5 Node.js Performance Measurement Metrics

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Using Node.js as a JavaScript runtime has its advantages. However, it requires significant maintenance to keep it working as expected. Here are the top metrics you should monitor for Node.js performance measurement analysis.  Application programming interfaces or APIs that use the Node.js runtime environment are scalable. Node.js is asynchronous and event-driven, which means the application can handle multiple connections at …

Node.js server monitoring best practices

Node.js Server Monitoring Best Practices

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Node.js is a known and popular JavaScript framework for 2021. With the increasing utilization of Node.js in development, there is an equally increasing need for Node.js server monitoring. Since server monitoring is essential to all applications, it is important that you apply best practices when monitoring Node.js servers. Servers are devices for storing or processing information provided to other devices, …

Node.js server monitoring

Node.js Server Monitoring: A How to Guide

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Node.js is one of the most popular Javascript frameworks in 2021. With the increasing demand for Node.js comes the crucial next step of Node.js server monitoring.  The best way to monitor your Node.js server is with an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool.  Keep in mind, Node.js server monitoring is a bit of a tricky task, and there are particular challenges …

Best 5 Tools for Node.js Monitoring

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Application developers are turning to Node.js as one of the most popularly used Javascript frameworks for microservice development. Node.js tops the list of most utilized frameworks amongst the developers worldwide in 2020 by 51.4 percent. With the increasing demand for Node.js technology, it has become crucial to monitor the performance of the applications, servers, and other metrics. In this article, …


Node.js Microservices: Developing Node.js Apps Based On Microservices

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Node.js application developers, in the ever-evolving business landscape, enjoy tangible advantages while incorporating microservices in Node.js apps development. The microservice architecture, or microservices, is a distinct method of software systems development, which attempts to create modules that are single-function, with well-defined operations and interfaces. The trend has become increasingly popular as organizations look to become more agile and move towards …

AWS Lambda with Node.js: A Complete Getting Started Guide

AWS Lambda with Node.js: A Complete Getting Started Guide

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AWS Lambda is a service that confuses many people. For that reason, you may be wondering just how it works, and how you’d use it to build a highly scalable event-driven application. As someone who’s presumably no stranger to the internet, you must have seen the terms serverless, function-as-a-service, or AWS Lambda thrown across your screen a few times. Perhaps you’re …

Restify vs Sails vs Hapi

Restify vs. Sails vs. Hapi: Node.js Framework Comparison

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In the last decade, Node.js has rapidly risen in popularity as a server-side programming language. With that popularity, we’ve seen no shortage of frameworks aiming to make developers’ lives easier. Although they are lesser-known than other Node.js frameworks, Hapi, Sails, and Restify are a few options that have a lot to offer. It can be difficult to know what framework is the best fit for your needs. …

Node.js vs Python

Node.js vs Python for a Beginner’s Web App

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Learning to build webapps is an exciting process, but it comes with its own set of challenges. As a newer developer, deciding what programming language will bring your big idea to life is a common challenge. There are lots of terrific choices for building webapps on the market. Today, we’ll focus on two of 2019’s most popular options: Node.js vs …

Node.js Performance Testing and Tuning

Node.js Performance Testing and Tuning

Lou Bichard Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

We know Node.js for its lightning-fast performance. Yet, as with any language, you can write Node.js code that performs worse for your users than you’d like. To combat this, we need adequate performance testing. Today, we will cover just that with an in-depth look at how to set up and run a performance test and analyze the results so you …

Comparison: Node.js vs. PHP

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Both Node.js and PHP are popular platforms for websites, APIs, and other types of web content. They have a few similarities, but their differences far outweigh those similarities. In this post, we’ll take a look at how they stack up against each other. It’s Node.js vs. PHP… let’s get ready for the showdown! Similarities First, let’s take a deeper look at …

Node.js Module Exports – Demystified

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When I started out in Node.js, I remember being struck by the weird-looking module.exports code. I wondered what it was, and where it came from, and why it wasn’t declared in the file. What was this magic? Today we’re going to find out. We’ll demystify this somewhat odd-looking feature of Node.js. By the end of this article, you should be comfortable …

Node.js Error Handling Best Practices: Ship With Confidence

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Node.js error handling isn’t a walk in the park. When putting our code into production, we want to know that it’s battle-tested and hardened for all the complexities that production will throw at it. In order to handle our errors properly, we need to understand: Error object Try…catch Throw Call stack Effective function naming Asynchronous paradigms like promise Wowza—that’s a …

Most Popular Node.js Frameworks in 2018

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 With the introduction of Node.js in 2009, it has become possible to use the JavaScript language while scripting server-side as well as client-side parts of an application or project. Earlier that was not possible since developers had to use different and multiple programming languages for both client and server-side scripting. Hence the invention of Node.js is still viewed as an …

Top 10 Node.js Developer Tools

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With the introduction of Node.js, it has become easier for application developers to create a fast, reliable, and scalable web application with much fewer lines of code. Node.js was created by Ryan Dahl in 2009 using the Google Chrome V8 JavaScript runtime environment. Software development is continuously evolving with the emergence of new technologies, trends, and programming languages. But with …

Best Node.js Blogs and YouTube Channels

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Node.js is an open-source framework that helps developers create dynamic web pages that can run across multiple platforms. It is built on Chrome V8, which means that it uses the same compiler or interpreter as Chrome. Node.js is used for full-stack, front-end, and back-end development. It simplifies real-time communication between the client and server. Node.js also has an event-driven architecture, …

Retrace Node.js Monitoring & Node.js Application Performance Management

Full Stack Node.js Monitoring Monitor everything about your Node.js applications with one tool Start your free trial Get More than APM Retrace integrates code profiling, error tracking, application logs, and more Improve Your Code Quickly troubleshoot problems and identify ways to optimize your code Deep Performance Insights Retrace collects detailed snapshots of what your code is doing and how long …

Top 10 Node.js Debugging Tips to Debug Like a Pro

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Err—not quite. Whilst this tweet is painfully relatable, it also saddens me. This goes to show there are so many Node.js developers out there who are debugging their applications the caveman way. But debugging Node.js needn’t be this hard. The more you relate to this tweet, the more you must read on. Your sanity begs you. Today we’re going beyond just …

Node.js Tutorials

Node.js Tutorials: Tutorials for Programmers of All Levels

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Let’s explore what is Node.js, features and benefits, and our top 30 Node.js tutorials for programmers of all levels. What is Node.js? Node.js can be defined as a dynamic, cross-platform and open-source JavaScript framework or runtime environment that is built on the Google Chrome JavaScript V8 engine. Developed by Ryan Dahl in 2009, Node.js was initially implemented as a client-side …