Prefix: A lightweight ASP.NET profiler helping you write better software

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Of all the modern development practices which I use day to day, none other has been more beneficial to me than the introduction of quick feedback loops in my workflow. Although a concept made popular by the Agile methodology and practices, it’s something most of us deal with when we invoke the compiler (or linter) which tells us if our …

Building Our Office Space – Literally

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I walked into our new office with a large bag on one shoulder filled with my precious desk chachkies and with my laptop bag and purse on the other shoulder. The first word that came to mind as I huffed and puffed through the door was this: open. Stretched before me was an impressive expanse of well-lit, carpeted floor and …

Case Study: ABPathfinder

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Who is ABPathfinder? ABPathfinder develops special education and therapy management solutions that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of special education and autism therapy programs. The cloud-based platform provides tools which aid therapists and para-professionals to build treatment plans, log data and track progress for multiple students simultaneously. In return educators can maximize their time and effort to invest in each …

Case Study: Switching to Retrace APM Saves Carbonite’s Development Team Valuable Time

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  Carbonite was looking for a tool to provide detailed log and error information in order to quickly and easily resolve application issues. Since signing up for Retrace, Carbonite has saved countless hours by streamlining their issue resolution process into one tool. Carbonite now uses Retrace in an application that is the front-end of everything that Carbonite does for its customers. …

The Seven Stages of Git Repo Size Maintenance – and Preventative Medicine

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Like many development shops have done for the past few years, we migrated our version control at Stackify to a git-based system a few years ago. The benefits were many: it was faster than TFS and supported our branching and merging strategies better. It also played nicely with our ALM tools for reporting commits related to a work item, etc. …

How to Write Better SQL Queries

DevCheats – How to Write Better SQL Queries

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  In the first episode of DevCheats, CEO and Founder of Stackify, Matt Watson, demonstrates some tips, tricks and free tools to help write better SQL queries. Topics for Writing Better SQL Queries can be found at: 0:35 Using SQL Statistics 0:54 Finding high query reads 1:30 CPU time vs Elapsed Time 2:18 Execution Plans 2:45 Index Seek vs Index …

Software Development – A Team Sport

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This month we’ve been talking a lot about tools we use for different phases of development. We even wrote a whole eMagazine dedicated to tools and interviewed six power devs to find out what they’re using to build better applications. Download that here if you haven’t.   While tools for writing, troubleshooting and monitoring are critically important, we don’t spend …

5 Tools for Successful Customer App Support

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I have had the privilege of starting my career at Stackify. Being fresh out of college and working with customers who were much more experienced in the industry than I was, taking on the role of providing support was a bit overwhelming. Learning how to support such a complex tool has been exciting and challenging, but one of the first …

How we named Prefix: It was a little hairy

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  Naming things is hard—unless it’s a dog or a kid. That’s easy (apparently)! A brand or product name is a totally different kind of anxiety. Creating the product is comparatively easy. This is the story of the name that almost won, how it came to be, and how it continues to live exactly where it should—in the dark recesses of our code. …

Alleviate Rush Hour Traffic in your Browser

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Every morning I get up early, get on the highway and drive into work. There may be a little snag through the Grandview triangle (it’s kind of like KC’s version of the Bermuda Triangle), but it’s usually just a 20 minute drive if I leave at 7:00 a.m. After 7:30 a.m., that drive turns into an hour as fours times the commuters enter the triangle. …

Cleaner Code with Static Factory Methods

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A classic creational design pattern from the gang of four is the factory method pattern. Examples of this pattern typically involve a factory class that constructs objects of a different type. The objects that are created are usually implementations of an interface. This pattern provides a layer between consumption (the caller) and creation (the factory). An additional benefit is that the …

5 Hidden Performance Problems for ASP.NET

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  Stackify founder and ASP.NET performance expert Matt Watson shares his expertise around five common ASP.NET performance problems. Learn how to identify and fix these elusive problems in your own apps and immediately improve your app’s performance! Watch the video from last week’s webinar. The deck is available here:  

Prefix Tips and Tricks

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We’ve been getting some great feedback about our new Prefix tool. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, get it here. We’ve been using this tool as we build our Stackify product and want to share a few Prefix tips and tricks that you may or may not have picked up as you are using it. Watch the video for step-by-step detail. We’ve summarized …

Top 10 Kansas City startups to watch in 2016

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As we entered 2016, Startland News evaluated the area’s top startups based on the strength of their team, current traction, disruptiveness and job growth potential. Below is a list of the top 10 area enterprises we’ve identified — as well as four honorable mentions — that we think are poised to make big moves in 2016.

What is APM? Overview, Common Terms, and 10 Critical APM Features

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APM refers to application performance management or application performance monitoring and is an essential tool to help optimize and monitor the performance of your apps. You could argue that application performance management and application performance monitoring are the same things. Conversely, it could be argued that management infers being more proactive and monitoring only being reactive when it comes to the …

Fewzion Alex Retzlaff

Fewzion: “Using Stackify we identify application performance issues earlier and solve them faster. ”

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Australian work management software company Fewzion has become the latest international business to implement Stackify’s unique all-in-one application performance management  and error and log management solution. By utilizing Stackify’s application error and log management software, the team at Fewzion can now proactively identify and fix any system issue within their suite of work management tools before the end-users even notice. …

Log tagging

Log tagging creates smarter application logs #awesomelogs

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How many combined log statements do your applications and infrastructure produce in a day? 50,000? Over a million? Here at Stackify, our applications generate around 100 million log entries every day. Even after feeding them into Stackify’s powerful log management and filtering tools, it can be difficult to distill things down into meaningful, actionable diagnostics with an incredibly high volume …