Making Sense of Your Azure Billing and Azure EA Usage Reporting

Making Sense of Your Azure Billing and Azure EA Usage Reporting

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I’ve written in the past about how Stackify was “born in Azure” and we’ve never used any other hosting solution. In this post, I want to share how we make sense of our Azure EA (Enterprise Agreement) bill and usage. Azure billing can be quite a mess to figure out.  Here are our top tips to analyze your usage and …

I, for one, welcome our new Bot Overlords.

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  Bots. It’s all about the bots. And AI. It seems that ever since Microsoft //Build this year, I can’t read any tech publication without the mention of some combination of bots, AI, and machine learning. There’s certainly no denying that it’s a hot topic, and lots of developers are working on it. Those developers, and more importantly, the consumers …


How are you instrumenting your applications?

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Carl and Richard of DotNetRocks talk to Jason Taylor of Stackify and Michael Paterson of Carbonite about the power of great code instrumentation to make awesome software. Carbonite lives on Azure and uses Stackify for instrumentation. Michael talks about how Stackify helped Carbonite understand performance problems and errors that were occurring in production that were very hard to see from …

APM + the best application performance management

Retrace is Transforming The Way .NET Developers Optimize Application Performance

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Today at Stackify, we’re very proud to announce the launch of our new product, Retrace APM+. This first release specifically targets ASP.NET, but as the platform continues to grow, support will be added for other popular programming languages. More details will be announced later this year. Stackify Retrace builds on top of the great foundation of our current offering, known for great real-time …

Open source - Stackify

Open Sourcing Stackify Client Libraries (& updated NuGet packages)

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We’re happy to release something that a lot of our customers have asked about lately: we have open-sourced our client libraries for Smart Error & Log Management. They can be found here: Here are the projects that you will find in our repo, along with updated details and instructions for how to install and use our libraries: stackify-api-dotnet This contains …

C# Logging Best Practices

How to Take Logging to the Next Level With Improved .NET Logging Best Practices

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Logging. We should be doing this better by now! What do I mean? There are lots of logging frameworks and libraries out there, and most developers use one or more of them every day. A few examples off the top of my head for the .Net developers: log4net, NLog, elmah, and Serilog. They are simple and easy to use, and …

Fragile to Agile

Tips for Making Agile Less Fragile

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Agile. You can’t avoid hearing it wherever you go even though “agile” means different things to different people. In some shops, agile means extremely small sprints that are continuously deployed, sometimes multiple times per day. For others, it means the same old waterfall-style development, but they have burndown charts, daily stand-up meetings, and maybe someone with the title of “SCRUM …

Windows Azure AppFabric Private Caching: What to Watch Out For

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The ability to have a private AppFabric cache deployed on Windows Azure as a cluster of worker roles, or piggy-backing your existing roles, is great. But there are some things to watch out for, which can cost you a lot of time, headache, and outage if it finds it’s way to production. Getting Started For those of you new to …

Stackify Updates: Holidays Edition

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Our elves have been hard at work and we have some great updates going in today, 12/21/2012. Some highlights below: Azure Support Enhancements Better role detection. Currently, Stackify will report the server name for any agent. For Azure roles, this translates to something like “RD00155D310862” which is not extremely useful. This update will still record that device name, but adds …

Windows Azure Diagnostics: The Bad, The Ugly, and a Better Way

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If you’re a .Net web developer today, no doubt you’ve enjoyed watching Windows Azure grow up over the past couple of years. The platform has scaled, stabilized (mostly), and added on a slew of great (and sometimes overdue) features. What was once just an endpoint to host a solution, developers today have tremendous flexibility and options in the platform. Organizations …