developers support two factor authentication (1)

Dear Developers, Please Support Two Factor Authentication

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 Security is a topic all people in technology know is vitally important, but not all of us utilize best practices. Not practicing what you preach seems to be a trend in most industries. There are healthcare professionals who know how to take the best care of themselves and don’t, parents who only buy organic food for their kids and binge …

Trace View Capabilities within Retrace (1)

Trace View Capabilities within Retrace: Determine Where Problems Are and How to Fix Them

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Stackify’s APM+ product, Retrace, helps provide important insights into your code, and one of the important pieces to understand is the Traces view. The ‘traces’ can be found in the ‘Performance (APM+)’ tab when viewing a specific application. Traces allow you to view specific paths within an application with great detail. These can be extremely helpful in determining where problems …

Retrace Product Release: Deployment Tracking

Why You Need Deployment Tracking In Retrace!

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In conversations with our customers, a common requirement is how to identify when things start “slowing down”, or “behaving like an angry nerd who missed out on free LeCroix”.  The questions usually continue and developers start wondering about the deployment process.  Sure, we all know it “worked on your machine”, but what is it doing in Staging, QA, or Production? …

Retrace Product Release: September 2017

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One of the only things you can count on happening in the technology industry is constant change, and Stackify’s APM tool, Retrace, is evolving again!  Client feedback, industry needs, and the underlying goal of delivering better tools for developers has all culminated into the latest release of Retrace. There is a game-changing new Deployment Tracking feature, full support for highly …