What is log management

Retrace Log Management: Logs, Errors and Code Level Performance

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What is Log Management? Log management is traditionally described as a way to collect all of your log data in one place so you can use it for a wide variety of uses. Using log data for troubleshooting application problems is just one use case. You could also take machine data from a phone system or MRI machine and use …

Retrace Logging and Error Tips

5 Awesome Retrace Logging & Error Tracking Features

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Retrace combines several tools that developers need for application monitoring in one easy to use tool. Retrace has some really amazing log management and error tracking features because of the tight integration between our APM, errors, and logging tools. In this article, we are going to highlight some of the top features that you should be using with Retrace! Organize …

Developer Things #8: How to Develop More Secure Software with Steve Feldman

Developer Things #8: How to Develop More Secure Software with Steve Feldman

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Today’s episode of Developer Things features Steve Feldman. Steve is the Vice President of Engineering at Contrast Security. The subject of security in the area of software development is an important one, as there are a number of different challenges that face developers trying to develop more secure software. Listen to the episode to hear what Steve has to …

8 Things to Monitor During a Software Deployment

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As software developers, our ultimate goal is to get our hard work deployed to production. Thanks to agile development, DevOps, and continuous deployment tools, that process is quicker than ever! It is important to remember that a software deployment is more of a process and not a single event. As part of that process, you need to be monitoring your …

Developer Things Episode 7 feat. Rob Reynolds

Developer Things #7: Making the Lives of IT Easier and More Chocolatey with Rob Reynolds

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This episode of Developer Things features guest Rob Reynolds. Rob is the founder and CEO of Chocolatey, an open source package manager for Windows. Rob started out as a developer of business apps for organizations, but he was interested in automation and had a dream of owning his own business one day. Eventually, he started working on NuGet, a package …

Developer Things Episode 6 feat. Cory House

Developer Things # 6: Professional Speaking and Consulting Advice with Cory House

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Today’s episode of Developer Things features guest Cory House. Cory is a consultant and professional speaker who also writes software and creates online courses for developers. Cory began writing software professionally about 15 years ago. For the last few years, he’s been focusing on front-end features like JavaScript and React, although before that he was very interested in .NET. These …

Developer Things Episode 5 feat. Matt Warren

Developer Things #5: What Is BenchmarkDotNet & Nerding out on Performance with Matt Warren

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In today’s episode of Developer Things, host Matt Watson speaks to guest Matt Warren. Matt Warren works for CA on their application performance management solutions. He is also involved in the BenchmarkDotNet project and spends time blogging about .NET. Matt got his start in software development with a programming course in computer science, focusing mostly on Java, while he was …

Developer Things Episode 4 feat. Jason Taylor

Developer Things #4: Why 20,000 Developers Love Prefix with Jason Taylor

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Matt and Jason discuss the free developer tool Prefix. Launched 18 months ago, it has now been downloaded by 20,000 developers in 140 countries. Prefix helps developers find and fix bugs in their code while they are writing it. Prefix is based on the same technology that Retrace uses to monitor servers in production or QA. It tracks key methods in …

Developer Things Episode 3 feat. Jason Taylor

Developer Things #3: How Stackify Does DevOps Without an Ops Team with Jason Taylor

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Matt & Jason discuss how Stackify does DevOps when we don’t even have an IT operations team. The key question is… can you do DevOps without an ops team?? The goal of DevOps is to get developers more involved in deployments and monitoring production applications. Even without an operations team, Stackify still does DevOps to monitor their large production environment …

WebOps vs DevOps

What is Web Operations? How Does it Relate to DevOps and SRE?

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There is a big trend in software development for developers to be more involved in the deployment, monitoring, and overall operations of web applications. In many companies, the DevOps movement is fostering a lot of change and collaboration between development and operations. The concept of web operations builds on top of DevOps to specifically address the deployment and monitoring of …

Developer Things #2: Women in Technology with Megan Horton

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Megan Horton joins the show to discuss some of the problems with women in technology. Megan works at Stackify as the Manager of Customer Success. Her job is to make sure all Stackify customers are happy! Megan went to college for communications and ended up working in the family funeral business before making her journey to software development. She worked …

Stackify Podcast

Developer Things #1: What is Stackify? Application Performance, Retrace & More with Jason Taylor

Matt Watson Developer Things Podcast

Matt Watson and Jason Taylor discuss the struggles they had as IT managers that led to why Stackify was created. Matt is the Founder & CEO of Stackify. Jason is the CTO and joined the company about 6 months after it started. Years ago most companies monitored the servers that ran their applications but not much else. Fast forward to today, …

What Is Site Reliability Engineering and Why You Should Embrace It

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Software developers spend a lot of time chasing bugs and putting out production fires. I’ve been a software developer for over 15 years and it has always just been part of the job. Thanks to agile development, we are constantly shipping new code. By-products of constant change are constant issues with performance, software defects, and other issues that eat up …

Metrics for DevOps Success

15 Metrics for DevOps Success

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How is DevOps going within your organization? If you need some help measuring just how well it is going, we have prepared a list of some key DevOps metrics to track. These metrics can help you understand how your team is doing over time. Define what DevOps means to your organization The word DevOps means different things to different people. …

Web Performance Optimization

Why Premature Optimization Is the Root of All Evil

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One of the hardest parts of software development is knowing what to work on. We all love to write code and build things. Developers are also expensive and in short supply. One of the biggest challenges is making sure we are making good use of our time.  The last thing we want is to ship code that our users don’t …

Track Defect Escape Rate

How to Measure Defect Escape Rate to Keep Bugs Out of Production

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Every software development team is under a lot of pressure to ship product improvements as fast as possible. Most organizations now use agile methodologies and DevOps practices to ship software faster than ever. The reality is that software development is still a messy process. A potential byproduct of every software deployment are new software defects that are found in production, …

Save time and be more productive with Axosoft and Retrace

Retrace Now Integrates with Axosoft: Track Errors and Save Time Fixing Bugs

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If you’re tired of manually inputting errors into Axosoft, we have exciting news for you. Stackify wants you to save time and be more productive when developing applications. That’s why the latest Retrace update, you can now export errors reported by Retrace directly into Axosoft’s issue management software for tracking. Retrace is the only Application Performance Management (APM) tool that …

Should developers build, buy or open source their own software?

Build It, Buy It, or Open Source: The Software Dilemma

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One problem that all developers and companies struggle with is trying to decide if they should “build it” or “buy it”. Software developers love to build things. That is what we do! Their natural reaction tends to lean towards building things. We are also always up for a new challenge. How do you know when you should build software or …

Performance counters

Top ASP.NET Performance Counters and How to Monitor Them

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One of the great features of ASP.NET is all the metrics available via Windows performance counters. There is a wide array of them available between IIS, ASP.NET and .NET. This guide on ASP.NET performance counters will review some of the top counters you need to know about and why they are valuable. We will also talk about how to monitor …