PHP Debugging

A Detailed Guide to PHP Debugging

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If you use PHP or you find yourself “adopting” a PHP app (like I did a few years ago), you must know how to debug PHP. In this detailed guide to PHP debugging, you’ll see some debugging techniques that apply to almost any programming language. But don’t worry. I’ll get into the specifics that apply to PHP, from the basics all …

Comparison: Node.js vs. PHP

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Both Node.js and PHP are popular platforms for websites, APIs, and other types of web content. They have a few similarities, but their differences far outweigh those similarities. In this post, we’ll take a look at how they stack up against each other. It’s Node.js vs. PHP… let’s get ready for the showdown! Similarities First, let’s take a deeper look at …

Improve MySQL Performance With This Tutorial

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Performance tuning MySQL depends on a number of factors. For one thing, MySQL runs on various operating systems. For another, there are a variety of storage engines and file formats—each with their own nuances. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to improve MYSQL performance. But first, you need to narrow the problem down to MySQL. Let’s say Retrace is reporting …

Elasticsearch Tutorial: Your Detailed Guide to Getting Started

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In this Elasticsearch tutorial, I’m going to show you the basics. There are so many things to learn about Elasticsearch so I won’t be able to cover everything in this post. If you have experience searching Apache Lucene indexes, you’ll have a significant head start. Also, if you’ve worked with distributed indexes, this should be old hat. But if you’re …

Deployment options in Azure

An Azure Deployment Guide

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Azure has plenty of services for hosting your applications and their components. It also has extensive options for deploying to these services. Barry Luijbregts introduces four of the primary options for hosting apps in his article, “Which Azure Deployment Model Should You Use? 4 Ways to Deploy.” In that post, Luijbregts covers where to deploy on Azure; in this post, I’m …

Microsoft IIS Web Server

What is IIS?

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In this post, we’re going to take a close look at IIS (Internet Information Services). We’ll look at what it does and how it works. You’ll learn how to enable it on Windows. And after we’ve established a baseline with managing IIS using the GUI, you’ll see how to work with it using the CLI. Let’s get started! What Is …