Monitor Your Azure App With Retrace

Real-time insights. Advanced monitoring. One streamlined tool.

Monitoring cloud infrastructure, applications, and Azure services are different than traditional application monitoring. Retrace helps developers find and fix application problems quickly by combining all your performance data for all of your apps in one place. 

Easily monitor the performance of your Azure Applications with Retrace

  • View the performance of all the requests to your app. 
  • Quickly find which requests are the slowest, most used, erroring out, slow due to database calls and much more.
  • Track the user satisfaction for your application based on apdex scoring.
  • Track how often you process queued messages, how long it takes, and exactly what your code is doing.
  • Monitor performance of 3rd party web services.
  • Troubleshoot problems with all of your errors and logs.
  • Aggregate all of your logs together

See why Developers Love Retrace!

Retrace is compatible with ASP.NET & Java web applications. Start your 14-day free trial now!

1. No credit card required
2. Installs in a few minutes
3. Learn how to improve your application!

Retrace is SaaS-based and affordable for pre-prod and production servers.

Dive deeper into the code level to improve your apps, quicker!

Retrace is designed to help you understand why transactions in your application are slow or failing, as fast as possible.

Server-based or cloud-based, Retrace is designed to work with whichever environment your app is running.

Dev Teams Worldwide Love Stackify’s Full Life Cycle Performance Power

Dev Teams Worldwide Love Stackify’s Full Life Cycle Performance Power

Stackify Client Logos - Developers love Retrace!

Retrace has become an indispensable tool for nearly 6,000 users worldwide—but it's just a glimpse of the insights Stackify can provide.

  • Code-level performance tracking

  • Performance reporting & dashboards

  • Server & application metrics

  • Log searching & monitoring

  • Error tracking & monitoring

  • Alerts & notifications

  • Out of the box compatibility with ASP.NET  apps, as well as loads of third party libraries. When you tie Retrace to Prefix, you bridge critical gaps and cover the entire development life cycle.

Starting at only $10 a month!


“Until Stackify, there was no one tool to do monitoring, performance dashboards, log aggregation, APM and more. This same technology would come with half a dozen or more products and even more expense. Stackify provides all of this functionality out of the box, in one package, and provides you the actionable insights necessary to target problems when and where they happen.”
Jake Dubin

Everything Dev Teams Need – A Fraction of the Cost

Compare Retrace prices to common APM and developer tools. See how much you can save!

Everything Dev Teams Need – A Fraction of the Cost

Dev Teams Love Stackify!

“I’ve spent most of my career as a consultant at major corporations. Some of my smaller clients have asked that I take on operational roles, but it felt like there was too much—until I found Stackify. Now I can see trouble spots and drill in. Instead of having to spend all my time finding the hotspot, I can now spend that time fixing the hotspot.”

- Steven Roberts, Broad Reach Software

“I am using Stackify to monitor a multi-tier application in the cloud, and was amazed at the easy set-up with no extra configuration. Competitors seemed overly confusing, and costs would have exceeded our total hosting cost. Stackify was an easy choice. Honestly, we haven’t experienced a single drawback.”

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Stickify works out of the box with your stack.

Stackify works out of the box with your stack





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