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Stackify Releases Stackify Azure Web App APM support

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Advanced Application Performance Monitoring for Azure

Azure Web Apps make it very easy for developers to deploy and scale web applications. Stackify makes it easy to also troubleshoot and fix application problems. Stackify’s APM+ combines several key developer tools on one innovative platform to make finding and fixing application problems simple. Stackify is proud to announce that it now offers Azure Web App APM support!

Benefits of Stackify’s Azure Web App APM support:

  • Visualize and pinpoint performance problems in your application stack
  • Identify slow web requests and database queries
  • View all application errors as they occur
  • Search and visualize all application logs

Azure Web Apps does not provide full administrator access to the servers running the applications, which makes it impossible to use most application & server monitoring tools. Stackify has recently adapted its platform to work with Azure Web Apps. Stackify APM+ for Azure Web Apps can be quickly added to any .NET Web App by adding the Stackify Azure Site Extension via the Azure Portal.

Stackify provides several key features that are important for running APM support for Azure Web Apps:

  • Robust azure monitoring, including all APM features
  • Supports apps that scale up and down automatically
  • Supports multiple deployment slots
  • 32 and 64 bit support

Stackify has expanded its Azure support for APM+ beyond just Azure Cloud Services to now include .NET Azure Web Apps.

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