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    The Tool Issue

    It has been said that tools are what made us human. Our ability to create and use tools al- lows us to do things that were not imaginable before. So ware itself has made developers profoundly more productive over the last 50 years. Can you imagine programming with punch cards?

    Now is a good time to be a developer. It was great to chat with several amazing code warriors about their most important tools and tricks.

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a1 /To Tool is Human
by Matt Watson / Founder & CEO / Stackify

a2 /Paging Dr. Campbell…
by Richard Campbell / Co-host / .NET Rocks!

a3 /Shipping Code & Making Poops Fun
by David Fox / Co-Founder / devRant

a4 /Developers are Saving the World. It’s true. Eric Meyer is Proof.
by Eric A. Meyer / Author / CSS: The Definitive Guide

a5 /Government Clearance and a Happy Wife. Success.
by Brian Madsen/ Microsoft MVP, Blogger, & Consultant / byBrick Development AB

a6 /Onshore, Offshore, Nearshore. Boon is One Epic Leader.
by Boon Lee / Director / Kansas City Dev Con

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