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    The Founder Issue

    For the Oct/Nov issue of BuildBetter Magazine, we conducted 13 interviews with founders and co-founders who began their careers as developers and made the leap to start their own companies. From my vantage point (i.e. the best seat in the house), the stories we heard across the complete developer to founder cycle and all its stages were amazing. We spoke with a few developers just starting their entrepreneurship journey, a few in growth mode, several leading the organizations they’d always dreamed about, and one who left to start it all again.

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a1 /Find Bugs Before They Get Hairy
by Matt Watson / Founder & CEO / Stackify

a2 /Fulfilling a Need, Founding a Company
by Robert Collazo/ Co-founder & CTO / HelpSocial

a3 / White Noise & Coding for Success
by Todd Moore / Developer of White Noise & Founder of TMSOFT / TMSOFT

a4 / The Code that Rocks the Cradle
by Kerri Couillard / Founder / Babierge

a5 / The Twist at the Crossroads
by Alexis Pratsides/ Founder  / MintTwist

a6 / When Your Backup Plan Becomes Your Biggest Success
by Steve McConnell / Founder  / Construx Software

a7 / Repeating the Successes of the Past in a New Mission
by Jeff Atwood / Founder of Stack Overflow & Co-Founder of Stack Exchange

a8 / Developing for Change
by John Negron / Founder  / Be a Doer

a9 / Coded to Teach
by Stephen Foster /  Founder / ThoughtSTEM

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