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  • The Code Behind Successful Developer Teams

    The Culture Issue

    Organizational research has shown that culture is not just a factor of happiness and success at work, it is (or is not) happiness and success at work. The articles in this issue will help you and your team better understand and define your current culture and its impact on your business. They’ll teach you how to build an effective culture from the ground up and how to spot and troubleshoot problems.

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a1 / 5 Principles for a Developer Team Culture that Wins
by Craig Ferril / COO / Stackify

a2 / Inspire Your Dev Team in 5 Simple Ways
by Adii Pienaar / Founder / Conversio

a3 / Past the Ping Pong Table: Going Beyond Perks
by Bahman Zakeri / Founder, CEO, and Chief Strategist / Xivic, Inc

a4 / Changing the World with Agile and Lean Startup Methods
by Jacob Cantele / CTO / Concierge Auctions

a5 / Continuous Improvement as a Way of Life
by Dimitar Karaivanov / CEO / Kanbanize

a6 / A Box Drawn Too Small
by Armen Margaryan / CEO / Margasoft Corp.

a7 / Architecting a Dev Team Turnaround
by Jayme Thomason / Founder & Chief Marketing Scientist / Brink Insights

a8 / Is Your Team Designing for a Disaster?
by Jason Taylor / CTO / Stackify

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