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Classic Coding Movie Scenes – Hackers

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I hope you’re ready to watch endless scenes of gibberish text crawling down a computer screen, because this week we’re focusing on code in movies by taking a look at the 1995 classic Hackers.

The movie stars Jonny Lee Miller (currently on CBS’ Sherlock) and Angelina Jolie (currently the most famous actress in the world) as part of a group of Hackers trying to save the world from an evil genius about to destroy the world via computer virus. The coding and basic grasp of computing on display by the filmmakers is profoundly stupid, but at least it’s a fun watch!

Before we get to the meat of the story though, let’s check in on our protagonist’s early hacking attempts to show us all he’s a legit force to be reckoned with. Before our hero gets to saving the world, he’s messing around. The scene also gives us glimpses into how computer code will be presented throughout the film: endless crawls of numbers, a few letters, and mostly gibberish.

Hopefully you also noticed the solid index finger typing action in that scene. For a world class hacker and programmer, he sure types slowly.

Next up we have our heroes figuring out that they’re about to be setup for a crime by another hacker. The random mathematical equations are a nice touch to make them look smart…

It’s time for the final showdown. Hackers working together to stop an evil hacker from destroying the world.

Whoa, was there some actual code on the screen for a split second there between the comically huge computer towers exploding?

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