virus scene in independence day

Classic Coding Movie Scenes – independence-day

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Independence Day, the movie that cemented Will Smith as the biggest Summer box office star ever, features some of the craziest computer coding you’ll ever find in the movies. The classic from 1996 (typing that just made me feel old) assumes that an everyday Mac computer could bring down a mighty alien attack.

How could a Mac thwart an alien invasion you ask?

Well of course. We’ll give their computers a cold. Hey, at least it’s more plausible than how we got rid of the aliens in Signs, right?

Would you look at that. All we have to do is connect into their systems and upload a virus without learning anything new about computer technology? Who knew Steve Jobs had that kind of reach throughout the entire universe?

If you’re interested in seeing more coding, here’s another clip that also features some edited-in Rick Rolling for good measure:

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