Improved Performance using JSON Streaming

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Many of us have been in “that” situation; the app is slowing to a crawl, and memory consumption is spiking through the roof. Is it a memory leak? Have the web gremlins finally broke through the firewall and found our system? So much time and energy is wasted trying to find out. At Stackify, every millisecond spent processing a transaction counts, …


Compete Developer Takeover: Guide No. 1

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build//better is a humble little eMag that we are putting together as another way to write about and share developer stuff we’re interested in and think can be useful.   This Issue: Application development teams need to be more agile than ever. Old models can’t deliver on new philosophies. The first guide in this series provides five sections of insights to help you …

Prefix for ASP.NET Core RC1 is available!

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We are excited to have you try out the latest version of Prefix which now supports ASP.NET Core RC1. We have been playing with the new version of ASP.NET since the early betas to ensure that we could support it. We pride ourselves as being one of the industry leaders when it comes to profiling solutions for .NET, so ASP.NET …

Why Calling a Web Service Takes Longer Than You Think

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There are a lot of ways to make a web service or web request in .NET. Common libraries include HttpClient, WebClient, WCF generated clients, RestSharp, and, of course, your low-level HttpWebRequest/HttpWebResponse objects. If you want to track the true performance and amount of time it takes to make such a request, you need to understand all the steps involved in …

Prefix vs Glimpse: SQL Queries

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This article is meant to illustrate a high-level comparison of how Prefix and Glimpse track SQL queries. While the two tools are similar (they’re both designed to help us understand different elements of our code’s performance) the two products have some unique pros and cons. Here’s a comparison based on our own experience with both tools. How to enable Glimpse …


How to measure real world SQL query performance for ASP.NET

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Almost every ASP.NET application uses some sort of database. But from my experience, the reporting of how long SQL queries take is wildly inaccurate. In this article I’m going to explain why, and show you how you can see the real amount of time that your queries take. This article is really specific to Microsoft SQL Server but the principle …

Understanding ASP.NET Performance for Reading Incoming Data

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Receiving incoming data in an ASP.NET application is a common task that most apps do. There are lots of ways of receiving data. Developers commonly write apps to handle HTML forms, file uploads, and APIs. There are a lot different types of APIs and they can receive data in JSON, XML, or other formats via ASP.NET Web API, MVC, WCF, …

Prefix Tips and Tricks

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We’ve been getting some great feedback about our new Prefix tool. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, get it here. We’ve been using this tool as we build our Stackify product and want to share a few Prefix tips and tricks that you may or may not have picked up as you are using it. Watch the video for step-by-step detail. We’ve summarized …

The 7 Ps of High Performance Cloud Apps

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Say it with me… “Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor PaaS Performance.” I’m sure you have heard the original 7 Ps before. My version is a little different as I have decided to focus on the performance of platform as a service (PaaS). Hopefully this saying will help you remember some of my tips for building higher performance web apps! …

App Performance: Measuring Perception vs Reality

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“It works on my machine” has to mean it also works perfectly in production, right? As a developer, we of course always think our app works perfectly. Without real data to back up our own perceptions, the reality could be very different. This blog post is about a change we made that seemed to improve performance, but actually tanked it! …


How to Monitor Noisy Cloud Neighbors & Your Web Apps Using Stackify’s APM+

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There has never been a better time to be a developer. A few years ago, if you wanted to use some form of basic caching or queuing you had to convince IT to acquire it, install it, and support it. The last thing they really wanted was more servers and some new application to figure out how to support. So …

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What Microsoft Azure Got Right for Developers

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  Microsoft Azure has changed dramatically since it was launched in 2010. Microsoft decided early on to focus directly on what developers need and has been leading the industry when it comes to “Platform as a Service” for Windows & .NET developers ever since. This article is a review of some of the key innovations they got right for developers …

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Azure monitoring for App Services Best Practices

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Overview of Azure Monitoring with Stackify Deploying and managing your web apps has never been easier, thanks to Azure App Services. Azure monitoring is easy with Stackify. Monitor the overall performance, metrics, errors, and logs for your applications. How to install Stackify Retrace APM for Azure App Services Installing Retrace APM on Azure App Services is really simple. You do not need to …


Stackify Gets PCMag’s Editors’ Choice Award for APM (Application Performance Management)

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Recently, PCMag’s Paul Ferrill published a great review of Stackify’s .NET Application Performance Management (APM+) tool. We are proud to say we won PCMag’s Editors’ Choice Award in the APM category as well! The article is available to read below, or on the PCMag website. Stackify also made Ferrill’s list of Best Infrastructure Management Services of 2015. If you’re ready …

support for azure web apps

Stackify Releases Stackify APM+ for Azure Web Apps

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Advanced Application Performance Monitoring for Azure Azure Web Apps make it very easy for developers to deploy and scale web applications. Stackify makes it easy to also troubleshoot and fix application problems. Stackify’s APM+ combines several key developer tools on one innovative platform to make finding and fixing application problems simple. Stackify is proud to announce that it now offers …

monitoring elasticsearch

How-to: Monitor Your Elasticsearch Cluster Performance

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Intro Elasticsearch is a distributed search server based on Lucene and it can be used to search a wide range  of documents. It is written in Java and runs as a service  with a RESTful web API. Elasticsearch is the second most popular enterprise search engine At Stackify, we use Elasticsearch for Errors, Logs and APM data. Thus, it was …

SQL Azure Elastic Pool

SQL Azure Elastic Pool – Product Review

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At Stackify, we have about 1,000 SQL Azure databases. Monitoring, managing, and right sizing these databases creates a unique set of challenges. For security and scalability, each of our clients has their own database. As you can imagine, each client is in a different sizes and we have wildly different performance characteristics from one databases to another. We are excited …

Log tagging

Log tagging creates smarter application logs #awesomelogs

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How many combined log statements do your applications and infrastructure produce in a day? 50,000? Over a million? Here at Stackify, our applications generate around 100 million log entries every day. Even after feeding them into Stackify’s powerful log management and filtering tools, it can be difficult to distill things down into meaningful, actionable diagnostics with an incredibly high volume …

Improve JSON Usage

11 Ways to Improve JSON Performance & Usage

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JSON is easy to work with and has become the standard data format for virtually everything. Although originally derived from the JavaScript scripting language, JSON is now a language-independent data format and code for parsing and generating JSON data is readily available in many programming languages. At Stackify, we use JSON extensively for REST APIs, serializing messages to queues, and …

Even better APM

APM+ v2.2, even better .NET Application Performance Management

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We are very excited to release APM+ v2.2 today! We first released APM+ for ASP.NET in April and have been working tirelessly to make it the best APM product on the market for ASP.NET application performance management. We think today is that day! First off, special thanks to everyone has used the product to date and all of your wonderful …