It’s The Bugs You Can’t See That Get Hairiest

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Matt Watson / Founder & CEO / Stackify Our fridge at home is always full. This is generally a good thing. The downside is, it’s hard to find stuff in a fridge that’s been packed to survive an apocalypse. When I can’t find something, there’s a chance someone finished it off. However, certain items are simply MIA; some sort of …

Developer Team Designing for Disaster

Is Your Developer Team Designing for a Disaster?

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Development teams work at top speed, and the environment in which they work is demanding and complex. Software is no longer considered done until it’s shipped, and there’s been a tendency to view shipped software as preferable to perfect software. These philosophies, created in large part by agile and lean methodologies, celebrate deployments and meeting release cycle deadlines. But have …

A meaningful developer team culture is a winning culture.

5 Principles for a Developer Team Culture that Wins

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Culture. Of all the overloaded, over-used, buzzword-bingo, five dollar corporate-jingoistic catchphrases of leadership jargon out there, are there any that are more hyped yet seemingly less tangible than this one? Developer teams are not immune cultural risks and benefits. “They offer catered lunches, free snacks, a kegerator, and foosball!” Don’t get me wrong—I like those things! But once you’re in …

Software Development – A Team Sport

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This month we’ve been talking a lot about tools we use for different phases of development. We even wrote a whole eMagazine dedicated to tools and interviewed six power devs to find out what they’re using to build better applications. Download that here if you haven’t.   While tools for writing, troubleshooting and monitoring are critically important, we don’t spend …