16 Ways to Speed Test Automation Using a CI/CD Pipeline

16 Ways to Speed Test Automation Using a CI/CD Pipeline

Stella Murugesan Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Test automation plays a significant role in software development. It improves speed, better detects errors and bugs, is repeatable, scalable, has broader coverage, and more. Let’s take a look at test automation using a CI/CD pipeline. In today’s competitive world, great speed in developing software, features, and fixes are vital. Automation has the potential to accelerate and streamline the processes of …

What Is MTTR?

What Is MTTR? A Simple Definition That Will Help Your Team

Ben Munat Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Mean time to resolution (MTTR) is defined as the sum of the total amount of time that service was interrupted divided by the number of individual incidents. The unit of measurement is some quantity of time. Ideally, you can use minutes as the unit. total downtime / # of incidents That is, unless you blacked out the eastern seaboard for weeks! …


What Is CICD? What’s Important and How to Get It Right

Christian Melendez Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

We’re on the verge of something here, people. A growing number of companies are shipping software in minutes. Yeah, you read that right. Minutes. Not hours, not weeks, months, or longer. Minutes. Often, teams struggle to ship software into the customer’s hands due to lack of consistency and excessive manual labor. Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) deliver software …