Application Support Tools from Stackify

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Developers, DevOps, and CTOs/CIOs are turning to Stackify for its incredibly useful set of application support tools. Including Application Performance Monitoring (APM+), error tracking, log management, and server monitoring. A key component of Stackify’s application support tools, APM+, offers an enormous amount of code-level insights making it easy to find slow web requests and quickly pinpoint at the code level …

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Open Sourcing Stackify Client Libraries (& updated NuGet packages)

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We’re happy to release something that a lot of our customers have asked about lately: we have open-sourced our client libraries for Smart Error & Log Management. They can be found here: Here are the projects that you will find in our repo, along with updated details and instructions for how to install and use our libraries: stackify-api-dotnet This contains …

Help is on the way for developers troubleshooting apps

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In the past several years applications evolved and became more complex, pushing developers to play a more central role in supporting them. However the tools that developers are using to troubleshoot application issues haven’t properly evolved and remain very limited. Logs are still being dumped to endless files on different servers, making finding the right info in time of crisis …

DevOps Blogs we wish would post more often

DevOps Blogs We Wish Would Post More Often

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In this day and age when everyone calls themselves a writer, markets can become quickly saturated with re-blogged news content that creates a web of articles that aren’t easily navigated. There are still awesome and original blogs out there, however, if you know where to look. Luckily, we have a long list of DevOps blogs that you can skim through …

Production Access Denied! Who caused this rule anyways?

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One of the biggest challenges for developers is getting access to production servers. In smaller dev teams of 5 or less people everyone usually has access. Then you hire developer #6, he messes something up in production… and now nobody has access. That is how it always starts. Just about every rule in life gets created this way. One person …

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Stackify Gives Devs a Crack at the Production Server

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Originally published on on 7/9/2012 by David Rubinstein. It was one of those interviews where you get finished talking about a company’s product, and you wonder aloud, “Well, THAT makes sense! Why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?” Matt Watson, CEO of Kansas City, Mo.-based startup Stackify, was telling me that the 10-person company is getting ready to launch its product …