Node.js Performance Monitoring

Node.js Performance Monitoring

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Software developers use the Node.js environment to develop robust and innovative applications. But the bigger the goal, the higher the risk. Learn about Node.js performance monitoring to ensure quality and risk-free software products. Part of diligent software development is making sure all system applications work well individually and as a whole. Alongside functionality tests and quality assurance procedures, it’s imperative …

Top 5 Node.js performance measurement metrics

The Top 5 Node.js Performance Measurement Metrics

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Using Node.js as a JavaScript runtime has its advantages. However, it requires significant maintenance to keep it working as expected. Here are the top metrics you should monitor for Node.js performance measurement analysis.  Application programming interfaces or APIs that use the Node.js runtime environment are scalable. Node.js is asynchronous and event-driven, which means the application can handle multiple connections at …

Javascript – Currying VS Partial Application

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Partial application and currying are two ways to transform one function into another. Many people get confused and are unable to differentiate between partial application and currying. Many people cannot even determine when and where to use each one in JavaScript. However, both work differently. In this article, we’ll explain the difference and practical usage of the two of them. …

Web Application Monitoring Tools

Top 5 Web Application Monitoring Tools You Should Know

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Web application monitoring tools can keep your business afloat. Period.  Imagine this. You’re about to run a crucial end-of-season sale on your website. You’ve sent your emails, run social media campaigns, paid for advertisements, and stocked up your inventory; you are all set to let the cash register ring.  However, on D-day, your website goes down. It’s unable to handle the …

Understanding IIS Log Files

Understanding IIS Log Files: Operating Instructions

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Introduction Commonly, your website or app functions perfectly until you release it. During testing, you might seem to have control over everything. But, sooner or later, you will face some challenges. In fact, it is totally normal when something goes wrong. The most important thing is how you settle these problems. In most cases, issues with availability alerts and users’ …


How To Optimize Python Code

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Currently, Python is the most used programming language for different projects around the world. According to statistics, 44.1% of programmers choose Python coding language for application/web development. However, that does not mean that Python developers are exempt from creating messy and inefficient code that can cost you and your clients time and money This is where Python code optimization comes …