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DevOps Blogs You Should Be Reading – Episode 1

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DevOps blogs are everywhere; and frankly we don’t mind. In fact, we constantly ask people for more stuff to read. We’ve gathered quite a list and stuffed it inside a Google Doc. Instead of keeping all these to ourselves, we’ll start sharing them with you! Every few weeks, we’ll feature a few of our favorites and why they could be your favorite …

DevOps Sean Hull Interview

Server Monitoring, The Cloud, and the DevOps Movement: Interview with Sean Hull

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The DevOps movement is filled to the brim with folks who, put simply, know their stuff. They realize the potential to integrate wildly talented teams to produce more efficient results than ever before. One of biggest reasons a DevOps approach works is correcting the glaring lack of meaningful communication between developers and operations. More and more quality DevOps resources are …

Remote Application Management for Enterprise Ops

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Software applications and IT operations are both becoming more complex. Today’s applications are typically composed of multiple servers, queuing, caching, databases, file storage, NoSQL, third party web services, and more. These new applications are typically more scalable and fault tolerant than traditional applications but they are also more difficult to manage and troubleshoot. Operations and development teams need remote application …

Remote Server Access for Developers to Improve Application Support

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Software developers need remote server access to deploy and troubleshoot their applications. Unfortunately, even with today’s focus on DevOps, most of them don’t have the remote server access they need to do so. My team and I built Stackify to give developers the access they need to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot their remote applications.  To give developers what they need …

DevOps Borat Twitter Picture

DevOps Borat: Top 10 Tweets

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DevOps Borat implies you shouldn’t “take yourself too seriously.” Regardless of how inconvenient the relationship between development and operations can be, it’s best to face your demons and solve problems as they come. You might get frustrated with co-workers, clients, and crashing tools on a daily basis. You’re not alone! There is a special corner of the internet where the …

Application Support is Perfect for DevOps

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When DevOps emerged in 2009, the gap between development and operations teams finally started to get the kind of media and vendor attention it deserved. DevOps gets developers more involved in IT operations so they can more rapidly resolve software issues that arise after deployment. Without access to production applications and servers, even development managers and system admins need help …