what containers and orchestrators actually are

The Advantages of Using Kubernetes and Docker Together

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You might be hearing a lot about Kubernetes and Docker—so much that you might be wondering which one is better. Well, there is no “better” because these aren’t equivalent things. Docker is like an airplane and Kubernetes is like an airport. You wouldn’t ask “Which should I use to travel—airport versus airplane?” So it goes with Docker and Kubernetes. You …

Master Docker: The Complete Toolkit

Master Docker: The Complete Toolkit Including Courses, Podcasts, Experts

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Docker has taken the software development world by storm. It provides a convenient way to package and ship applications according to the DevOps methodology. We recently released a list of 51 must-have Docker tools, but tools aren’t the only thing you’ll need to fully master containerization. With practically every dev shop embracing containers, there’s a need to upgrade your skillset …

Passing config values to Docker containers using environment variables

How to Pass Config Values to Your Docker Containers with Environment Variables

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There are a lot of benefits when you’re running applications on Docker. For one, you don’t have to set up different development environments for each version of your application. For instance, if you’re creating a Maven and Java-based application and you’ret using Docker, you would need to install both Maven and JDK on your machine. But using Docker, you only …

Docker Environment Variables Tips and Best Practices

Docker Environment Variables: How to Set and Configure Server Applications

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Docker is an open-sourced project that uses containers instead of virtual machines to run server applications. This is a setup that uses fewer resources for development and hosting, so it’s no wonder that Docker is taking the development world by storm. You can even use Docker with ASP.NET, and of course, you can leverage Stackify’s Retrace with your existing stack, including Docker, …

Top Docker Tools

Top Docker Tools: 51 Useful Docker Tools for Every Stage of the Development Pipeline

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Docker is sweeping across startups and enterprises alike, changing the way we build and ship applications. It’s the most prominent and widely known software container platform, and it’s particularly useful for eliminating common challenges when collaborating on code (like the “it works on my machine” phenomenon that most devs know all too well). With Docker, you can run and manage …

What are Docker Logs?

Docker Logging 101: Best Practices, Analytics Tools, Tutorials, and More

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For troubleshooting code, few things are more valuable to developers than logs. That’s just one reason we built Retrace, which combines logs, errors, and code level performance in a single pane of glass to give you the insights you need to quickly identify and rectify the source of problems. With the widespread popularity of Docker’s container-based solution for apps, it’s …