The Seven Stages of Git Repo Size Maintenance – and Preventative Medicine

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Like many development shops have done for the past few years, we migrated our version control at Stackify to a git-based system a few years ago. The benefits were many: it was faster than TFS and supported our branching and merging strategies better. It also played nicely with our ALM tools for reporting commits related to a work item, etc. …

Extracurricular Activities of Extraordinary Devs

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In interviewing six veteran developers for our Aug/Sept BuildBetter issue, we learned a lot about the tools they use in different parts of the development process. As a bonus, we also got to learn about the extracurricular and charity work that they are involved in. No worries, no SPAM. Opt-out anytime.   We wanted to give some extra exposure to …

I Welcome Our New Bots Overlords

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  No worries, no SPAM. Opt-out anytime. Bots. It’s all about the bots. And AI. It seems that ever since Microsoft //Build this year, I can’t read any tech publication without the mention of some combination of bots, AI, and machine learning. There’s certainly no denying that it’s a hot topic, and lots of developers are working on it. Those …

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Ultimate Software Deployment Checklist & Deployment Plan

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Use this checklist to improve your software deployment process! Deploying software releases is a mixture of planning, testing, late hours, and celebratory beers. This software release checklist is intended to be a guide to help improve how your team achieves this complicated and sometimes hairy task.  No worries, no SPAM. Opt-out anytime. Part 1: Planning and Software Deployment Preparation  Collaboration …

C# Logging Best Practices

How to Take Logging to the Next Level With Improved .NET Logging Best Practices

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Logging. We should be doing this better by now! What do I mean? There are several logging frameworks and libraries out there, and most developers use one or more of them every day. A few examples off the top of my head for .Net developers are log4net, NLog, elmah, and Serilog. They are simple, easy to use and work great for …

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Stackify Gives Devs a Crack at the Production Server

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Originally published on on 7/9/2012 by David Rubinstein. No worries, no SPAM. Opt-out anytime. It was one of those interviews where you get finished talking about a company’s product, and you wonder aloud, “Well, THAT makes sense! Why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?” Matt Watson, CEO of Kansas City, Mo.-based startup Stackify, was telling me that the 10-person company is …

Why Development Teams Can’t Scale

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Recently I have been thinking about how development teams don’t scale very well. The bigger a team and the product get, the more time the team spends fixing software bugs. This means they spend more time doing troubleshooting and debugging as they grow. The problem is that since developers don’t typically have access to production servers, there is a bottleneck …