How to Use LoggerFactory and Microsoft.Extensions.Logging for .NET Core Logging With C#

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If you have used .NET Core, you have probably battled with the new built-in .NET Core LoggerFactory which is in Microsoft.Extensions.Logging. It has created a lot of confusion around logging with ASP.NET Core. At Stackify, we have logging integrations for log4net, NLog, Serilog, and our direct API. We have a lot of experience with building logging appenders and libraries to work with various …

NLog Best Practices, Resources & Tips

Ultimate NLog Tutorial for .NET Logging – 19 Best Practices, Resources and Tips

Matt Watson Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

NLog is a very popular logging framework for .NET. It is second only to log4net in popularity but is much newer and has a few unique features. I recently also wrote a similar [tutorial for log4net]( and after looking at them side by side, NLog has a lot of great features and advantages. ### 1. What is NLog? Why Should …