How to View SQL Queries from Your Application Code with Prefix

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Prefix enables developers to easily see what their code is doing as they write and test their code. Including SQL queries, HTTP calls, errors, logs, and much more. This makes Prefix really handy for viewing SQL queries your code is using. Prefix is free! Learn more about Prefix After installing Prefix, it will automatically track all SQL calls. No code changes are needed, …

When a .NET Core Azure App Service won’t start: 502.5 Process Failure

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In the process of testing Retrace with .NET Core I decided to use the example MusicStore app as a test application. Pulling down the source from GitHub and deploying it to Azure App Services is easy right? Correct, and totally wrong both as it turns out. After hours of headaches… I figured I needed to share how I finally solved my …

Tinkering with Terraform and Azure to simplify cloud infrastructure setup

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I’ve been working with Terraform this week to help setup an Elasticsearch cluster on Azure. Terraform provides an agnostic (somewhat) means of defining infrastructure components locally and for cloud deployments (Azure, AWS, Google, etc. []). Its pretty simple to get going; download and update your path: Create a directory and drop in a file wth a a virtual …

.Net Core Lessons

15 Lessons Learned while Converting from ASP.NET to .NET Core

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At Stackify we have been doing a lot of work with .NET Core over the last few months. We ported StackifyLib and our logging appenders over. We have also made sure that our app performance tools, Prefix and Retrace, can be used to profile .NET Core based apps. In fact, we’ve even converted the entire codebase of Prefix to core so …

Alleviate Rush Hour Traffic in your Browser

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Every morning I get up early, get on the highway and drive into work. There may be a little snag through the Grandview triangle (it’s kind of like KC’s version of the Bermuda Triangle), but it’s usually just a 20 minute drive if I leave at 7:00 a.m. After 7:30 a.m., that drive turns into an hour as fours times the commuters enter the triangle. …

Using LINQPad for Rapid Performance Prototyping

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Here at Stackify, there is an ethos that you will find common to every member of the engineering teams: we love building software. By the same token, we love developer tools that make building software faster, easier, more fun, more accurate, etc. One of those indispensable tools is Joseph Albahari’s LINQPad, which as it turns out, is handy for all kinds …

Stackify stopped by the MS Dev Show

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Are you a fan of the MS Dev Show? We sure are, especially this latest episode. Our very own Matt Watson sat down with Jason and Carl to talk about all sorts of stuff, including a deep dive on Prefix, the free new application profiling tool. Big things are happening in the developer world. You can also get the podcast …

Compete Developer Takeover: Guide No. 1

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build//better is a humble little eMag that we are putting together as another way to write about and share developer stuff we’re interested in and think can be useful.   This Issue: Application development teams need to be more agile than ever. Old models can’t deliver on new philosophies. The first guide in this series provides five sections of insights to help you …

Cleaner Code with Static Factory Methods

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A classic creational design pattern from the gang of four is the factory method pattern. Examples of this pattern typically involve a factory class that constructs objects of a different type. The objects that are created are usually implementations of an interface. This pattern provides a layer between consumption (the caller) and creation (the factory). An additional benefit is that the …

5 Hidden Performance Problems for ASP.NET

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  Stackify founder and ASP.NET performance expert Matt Watson shares his expertise around five common ASP.NET performance problems. Learn how to identify and fix these elusive problems in your own apps and immediately improve your app’s performance! Watch the video from last week’s webinar. The deck is available here:  

The 7 Ps of High Performance Cloud Apps

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Say it with me… “Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor PaaS Performance.” I’m sure you have heard the original 7 Ps before. My version is a little different as I have decided to focus on the performance of platform as a service (PaaS). Hopefully this saying will help you remember some of my tips for building higher performance web apps! …

Fewzion Alex Retzlaff

Fewzion: “Using Stackify we identify application performance issues earlier and solve them faster. ”

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Australian work management software company Fewzion has become the latest international business to implement Stackify’s unique all-in-one application performance management  and error and log management solution. By utilizing Stackify’s application error and log management software, the team at Fewzion can now proactively identify and fix any system issue within their suite of work management tools before the end-users even notice. …

SQL Azure Elastic Pool

SQL Azure Elastic Pool – Product Review

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At Stackify, we have about 1,000 SQL Azure databases. Monitoring, managing, and right sizing these databases creates a unique set of challenges. For security and scalability, each of our clients has their own database. As you can imagine, each client is in a different sizes and we have wildly different performance characteristics from one databases to another. We are excited …