What is SQL Server Profiler? How It Works, Best Practices, Tutorials

Angela Stringfellow Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

If you work with SQL, you understand the importance of being able to monitor your queries, not to mention how critical it is to have an accurate analysis of how long queries take. Today, we’ll take a look at SQL Server Profiler, a tool for doing just that, how it works, some shortcomings (most notably, depreciation of its features), and …

SQL Azure Elastic Pool

SQL Azure Elastic Pool – Product Review

Matt Watson Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources, Insights for Dev Managers

At Stackify, we have about 1,000 SQL Azure databases. Monitoring, managing, and right sizing these databases creates a unique set of challenges. For security and scalability, each of our clients has their own database. As you can imagine, each client is in a different sizes and we have wildly different performance characteristics from one databases to another. We are excited …