Children International strives to end global poverty

Children International Fights Poverty with Help from Retrace

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Background About a year ago, Kevin Altis, Director of Application Services for Children International, discovered a pattern. Like other bad habits – leaving towels on the floor, tapping our pens during meetings, texting while talking – Kevin’s app was doing something that at first seemed harmless. Every day at around 4pm CST, his production website reported a huge uptick in …

Thank You KCDC 2017

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We at Stackify wanted to thank everyone for stopping by our booth to celebrate 5 awesome years of defending developers! Our booth was decked out with gifts, balloons and Stackitron 8-bit swords by local artist, Juniper Tangpuz! We had an amazing time getting to meet hundreds of developers from all over the area while playing games and handing out cupcakes from Kansas …