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Building an Ideal Virtual Environment for a Developer Team

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Contributed by Kean Graham, CEO of MonetizeMore Kean started MonetizeMore in 2010 with the goal to build a bootstrap business that would dramatically increase ad revenues for publishers. Over the years, Kean has perfected the proprietary MonetizeMore ad optimization model and now increases ad revenues for hundreds of publisher networks in over 40 countries. Competition for top-notch developers has never been as …

Creating a Culture for Success

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I have been at Uniface for 23 years. In that time, I’ve learned a few things about creating a culture that breeds success, attracts curious, ambitious development professionals and enables the company to focus on delivering clients first-class services and products. Many companies tout a family-like environment. For a lot of them, it’s just lip service. It’s not by accident …

Building a Culture is Deliberate

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Written by: Larissa Murillo, Marketing Manager, MarketGoo Our company, MarketGoo, was founded in 2012, and we have dedicated four years to building a workplace that enables a semi-remote developer team to be exceptional. Here are a few things we learned. Building culture does not happen overnight As is the case with many startups, before “culture” could even be considered a …

Developer Team Designing for Disaster

Is Your Developer Team Designing for a Disaster?

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Development teams work at top speed, and the environment in which they work is demanding and complex. Software is no longer considered done until it’s shipped, and there’s been a tendency to view shipped software as preferable to perfect software. These philosophies, created in large part by agile and lean methodologies, celebrate deployments and meeting release cycle deadlines. But have …

A meaningful developer team culture is a winning culture.

5 Principles for a Developer Team Culture that Wins

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Culture. Of all the overloaded, over-used, buzzword-bingo, five dollar corporate-jingoistic catchphrases of leadership jargon out there, are there any that are more hyped yet seemingly less tangible than this one? Developer teams are not immune cultural risks and benefits. “They offer catered lunches, free snacks, a kegerator, and foosball!” Don’t get me wrong—I like those things! But once you’re in …