What is Inetpub? How the Inetpub Folder Works, Avoiding Vulnerabilities, and More

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We often mention inetpub in the process of explaining different development processes and tricks, such as in this post on how to view IIS logs on Windows and Azure. Because it’s important to understand how the inetpub folder works, the advantages of doing your development work there, and how to avoid potential vulnerabilities, we thought we’d take a closer look at …

Tinkering with Terraform and Azure to simplify cloud infrastructure setup

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I’ve been working with Terraform this week to help setup an Elasticsearch cluster on Azure. Terraform provides an agnostic (somewhat) means of defining infrastructure components locally and for cloud deployments (Azure, AWS, Google, etc. []). Its pretty simple to get going; download and update your path: Create a directory and drop in a file wth a a virtual …

Build Better Webinar Series: A Dev’s 5 Best Friends

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Stackify Founder & CEO, Matt Watson hosts a webinar on his top 5 developer tools. This webinar originally aired September 15, 2016. Tools Referenced: Chocolatey (Installer Tool) – GitKraken (Git Client) – Supratimas (SQL Server/Database Tunning) – Azure (App Deploy + tools) – ReSharper (Visual Studio) –

What Microsoft Azure Got Right for Developers

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  Microsoft Azure has changed dramatically since it was launched in 2010. Microsoft decided early on to focus directly on what developers need and has been leading the industry when it comes to “Platform as a Service” for Windows & .NET developers ever since. This article is a review of some of the key innovations they got right for developers …

Azure Web App APM support

Stackify Releases Stackify Azure Web App APM support

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Advanced Application Performance Monitoring for Azure Azure Web Apps make it very easy for developers to deploy and scale web applications. Stackify makes it easy to also troubleshoot and fix application problems. Stackify’s APM+ combines several key developer tools on one innovative platform to make finding and fixing application problems simple. Stackify is proud to announce that it now offers …

Fewzion Alex Retzlaff

Fewzion: “Using Stackify we identify application performance issues earlier and solve them faster. ”

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Australian work management software company Fewzion has become the latest international business to implement Stackify’s unique all-in-one application performance management  and error and log management solution. By utilizing Stackify’s application error and log management software, the team at Fewzion can now proactively identify and fix any system issue within their suite of work management tools before the end-users even notice. …

SQL Azure Elastic Pool

SQL Azure Elastic Pool – Product Review

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At Stackify, we have about 1,000 SQL Azure databases. Monitoring, managing, and right sizing these databases creates a unique set of challenges. For security and scalability, each of our clients has their own database. As you can imagine, each client is in a different sizes and we have wildly different performance characteristics from one databases to another. We are excited …


How to future-proof your app to prevent performance issues

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When John F. Kennedy said that “the time to repair the roof is while the sun is shining” in his State of the Union address, application development was probably the last thing on his mind. Yet his notion of preparing in advance to pre-empt tough times is something that can certainly be applied to the world of app development. As …

APM + the best application performance management

Retrace is Transforming The Way .NET Developers Optimize Application Performance

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Today at Stackify, we’re very proud to announce the launch of our new product, Retrace APM+. This first release specifically targets ASP.NET, but as the platform continues to grow, support will be added for other popular programming languages. More details will be announced later this year. Stackify Retrace builds on top of the great foundation of our current offering, known for great real-time …

cloud providers as game of thrones families

PaaS and IaaS Market Share as Game of Thrones Families

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George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones has officially taken over the internet. Through violence, sex, and a healthy helping of Dinklage, GoT is a must-watch show with an immensely enjoyable struggle for the throne between the powerful families of Westeros. While nowhere near as sexy, the cloud services power struggles have been just as epic. So why don’t we …

New Features Update – April 2013

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The Stackify team has been hard at work lately, striving as always to solve your toughest pain points in production so you can detect issues earlier and fix them faster. This month, we are excited to bring you some great new features that will help you monitor your Azure environment, keep tabs on the performance of your stack, and more …

Windows Azure Diagnostics: The Bad, The Ugly, and a Better Way

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If you’re a .Net web developer today, no doubt you’ve enjoyed watching Windows Azure grow up over the past couple of years. The platform has scaled, stabilized (mostly), and added on a slew of great (and sometimes overdue) features. What was once just an endpoint to host a solution, developers today have tremendous flexibility and options in the platform. Organizations …