AWS Elastic Beanstalk .NET Core Tutorial: Get Your Application Up and Running Fast

Christian Melendez Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

AWS offers a variety of services to solve specific needs. There are some core services, like EC2 and VPC, that let you create an infrastructure for your applications that scales easily. But if you’re new to AWS and also new to infrastructure, you might need to invest some time reading before you deploy your application to AWS. I remember my first time …

The Quick Guide to Ruby Tools and Extensions

Ben Putano Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Developers already know of Ruby as one of the most popular and beloved programming languages in the world. And while it’s not the hot new language anymore, it continues to power well-known applications like Twitch, SoundCloud, and Hulu, as well as the project-management tool Basecamp, open-source repository GitHub, and the hospitality marketplace Airbnb. At its core, Ruby’s value is that …

18 PHP Tools for Developers of all Levels

Ben Putano Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

PHP is a fast scripting language that is ubiquitous with web development. WordPress uses the language as it’s core interface for developers to enhance the platform. It’s relatively easy to learn and is well supported by the development community. While PHP helps developers create web applications quickly, there is no development environment associated with the language. By contrast, a development …

Guide Docker Java

A Start to Finish Guide to Docker with Java

Eugen Paraschiv Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Intro to managing and running a containerized Java Spring Boot application Docker is a platform for packaging, deploying, and running applications in containers. It can run containers on any system that supports the platform: a developer’s laptop, systems on “on-prem,” or in the cloud without modification. Images, the packages Docker uses for applications, are truly cross-platform. Java microservices are a …

Dependency Injections

Design Patterns Explained – Dependency Injection with Code Examples

Thorben Janssen Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Dependency injection is a programming technique that makes a class independent of its dependencies. It achieves that by decoupling the usage of an object from its creation. This helps you to follow SOLID’s dependency inversion and single responsibility principles. As I explained in my previous articles about the SOLID design principles, their goal is to improve the reusability of your …

Pros and Cons of Java and Python

Java vs. Python: Coding Battle Royale

Ben Putano Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

While we all started to learn how to code with HTML, developing a sophisticated app requires a more advanced language. Java and Python are two of the hottest programming languages in the market right now because of their versatility, efficiency, and automation capabilities. Both languages have their merits and their flaws, but the main difference is that Java is statically …

design principle_ service locator

Design Patterns Explained – Service Locator Pattern with Code Examples

Thorben Janssen Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

The service locator pattern is a relatively old pattern that was very popular with Java EE. Martin Fowler described it in 2004 on his blog. The goal of this pattern is to improve the modularity of your application by removing the dependency between the client and the implementation of an interface. Interfaces are one of the most flexible and powerful …

Managing Teams and Organizations in GitHub

Managing Teams and Organizations in GitHub

Lyndsey Padget Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

GitHub has become the gold standard platform for sharing code with everyone from the person sitting next to you to a developer on the other side of the world. As a team or product grows, so does its need for organizational structure and security. But even if your project or group of collaborators is small, you’ll learn that GitHub’s robust …

Deployment options in Azure

An Azure Deployment Guide

Phil Vuollet Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Azure has plenty of services for hosting your applications and their components. It also has extensive options for deploying to these services. Barry Luijbregts introduces four of the primary options for hosting apps in his article, “Which Azure Deployment Model Should You Use? 4 Ways to Deploy.” In that post, Luijbregts covers where to deploy on Azure; in this post, I’m …

Azure Chat Bot services

What Is a Chat Bot? A Detailed Guide on How to Create One With Azure Bot Service

Christian Melendez Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

A chatbot is an application that simulates a human responding to the user. It’s a more natural way to interact with a system by using conversation. Let’s say, for example, that you want to order a pizza. Instead of wasting your time tapping randomly or searching the Internet to figure out how to use the app, you could just start …

Continuous Delivery Challenges - roads and roadblocks graphic

6 Common Challenges Slowing Down Continuous Delivery

Ben Putano Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources, Insights for Dev Managers

In recent years Continuous Delivery (CD) has become the standard choice for DevOps teams looking to develop and deploy high quality code. However as teams grow larger and take on more ambitious tasks, the implementation of CD—the actual delivery in Continuous Delivery—can be a challenge. Delays happen for a number reasons, and DevOps teams are consistently battling to keep projects …

Improve your CI/CD Pipeline with Kubernetes

How Kubernetes Can Improve Your CI/CD Pipeline

Ben Putano Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources, Insights for Dev Managers

The coding process is like an amusement park– it involves a number of variables and safety considerations to ensure the quality of each ride. There’s a lot that can go wrong if the nuts and bolts of the process aren’t planned well in advance. Whether you’re building a web application or a roller coaster, the key to satisfying customers is …

Design Principles

Design Patterns Explained – Adapter Pattern with Code Examples

Thorben Janssen Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Design patterns provide a reliable and easy way to follow proven design principles and to write well-structured and maintainable code. One of the popular and often used patterns in object-oriented software development is the adapter pattern. It follows Robert C. Martin’s Dependency Inversion Principle and enables you to reuse an existing class even so it doesn’t implement an expected interface. …

Retrace app scoring icon

New Feature in Retrace: Application Scoring

Stackify Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources, Insights for Dev Managers, Stackify Product & Company Updates

Stackify, a leader in application performance tools, is excited to announce App Scoring as part of the Retrace product suite. App Scoring expands on Retrace’s deep performance insights, combining many factors of an application’s performance into a single “letter grade” benchmark score. With the addition of this new metric, users of Retrace can now see at a glance how their …

Azure Container Services

Azure Container Service (AKS): A Detailed Guide to Setting Up Your First Cluster with Kubernetes

Christian Melendez Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Over the last few years, people have increasingly been adopting containers. But to use containers at a large scale, you need to use an orchestrator to ease the administration of your applications. Kubernetes is the most popular orchestrator and, while there are many concepts you need to learn to make the most of it, the benefits of using Kubernetes are …

Feedback Loops

Continuous Testing Requires Faster Feedback Loops

Ben Putano Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

For Agile and DevOps teams trying to move the needle of progress, CI/CD has become the gold standard. High-performing teams are “shifting left” by automating more and more steps of the software development lifecycle. CI/CD helps teams deliver more value to customers faster by removing manual processes and minimizing human error. However, Agile and DevOps teams continue to fall short …

A Detailed Guide to Canary Deployments

A Detailed Guide to Canary Deployments

Christian Melendez Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

Every time we need to deploy to production, we worry about how changes will affect the user experience. No matter what technique or strategy you use to make deployments, there are going to be times when the things that can go wrong will go wrong. It’s Murphy’s law. The fact of the matter is you can’t always prevent errors when …

The state of logging in Java

The State of Logging in Java

Nicolas Frankel Developer Tips, Tricks & Resources

When developing an application, chances are that it won’t perform as expected on the first run. In order to check what went wrong, developers in general use debuggers. But experienced developers know that if it happens in production, most debuggers won’t be available. Hence, they pepper the source code with logging statements to help their future self debug the next …