DevOps Borat Twitter Picture

DevOps Borat: Top 10 Tweets

Kyle Claypool Insights for Dev Managers

DevOps Borat implies you shouldn’t “take yourself too seriously.”

Regardless of how inconvenient the relationship between development and operations can be, it’s best to face your demons and solve problems as they come. You might get frustrated with co-workers, clients, and crashing tools on a daily basis.

You’re not alone! There is a special corner of the internet where the DevOps community relieves all the stress built up from failed application launches, server crashes, and impatient users constantly hounding your team. Need some suggestions? One of our favorite sites, DevOps Reactions hits home with almost every post.

Another one of our favorite DevOps hotspots is the DevOps Borat Twitter account (@DEVOPS_BORAT). Not only is it extremely relatable, but it’s impossible not to read every tweet with a Borat accent. We suggest reading them out loud when you’re alone.

Want a quick preview of what DevOps Borat has to offer? Here’s the top 10 DevOps Borat Tweets!

DevOps Borat crashes Excel with dataDevOps Borat explains project managementDevops Borat likes continuous deployment DevOps Borat on legacy systemDevOps Borat on Cloud Servers DevOps Borat on Cloud Hardware DevOps Borat on Agile Development DevOps Borat reinvents the wheel DevOps Borat Data Center vs Cloud DevOps Borat on DevOps Management

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