Error Logging and Application Metrics APIs Now in NuGet

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Giving you visibility and early awareness into everything that is happening with and around your application is our top priority. Sometimes those insights need to come from the code-level rather than external monitoring, and so to that end we are excited to announce our new metrics API and inclusion of all .NET Stackify libraries in NuGet!

Using the Stackify Application Metrics API, you can easily report, log, and monitor any number of custom metrics, business KPIs, and other important business or application events that could provide insights into application or user behavior. With Stackify, you can monitor, trend, and setup alerts for these important events, making them an actionable part of your overall application health picture. See more about Stackify Application Metrics on our documentation site.

When would you use some of these Application Metrics capabilities? Well, we use them in-house to track things like performance of complex mission-critical processes running behind the scenes as worker processes, success and failure of operations tasks, average age of time-sensitive messages, key user activities, SignalR processing health, and business KPIs that tell us how we’re doing overall. If it moves, you can measure and monitor it!

Speaking of which – something that makes our Application Metrics different from most is that not only can you measure and monitor, but you can also be notified if your KPIs or app metrics start to trend in the wrong direction. We’re looking forward to hearing success stories about how you use custom application metrics to instrument your app and keep tabs on those business KPIs.

In case you haven’t already checked it out, Stackify also offers a powerful Error Logging Library. If you’re already using one of the popular .NET or Java error logging frameworks, you can easily integrate Stackify in no time and start getting meaningful proactive insights and notifications of error events (error rate spikes, re-emergence of a resolved error, notification of new errors, etc.). If you’re using .NET, with our latest API update now it’s even easier than ever to integrate both the Errors API and the Metrics API – simply search NuGet for “Stackify” and add it to your project!


All of the error libraries are available from NuGet, and each one includes the Stackify Application Metrics API (shown as “Stackify API” in NuGet). If you only want app metrics, just get the Stackify API to get started. To learn more about all of the Stackify libraries, head on over to our API documentation for a closer look!

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