Quickly detect & resolve application problems

Combine Stackify’s server monitoring with fully integrated application metrics, errors, and logs and you have the full DevOps visibility your team needs in one platform.

  • Monitor servers, application performance and metrics
  • Analyze metrics, errors, and logs to resolve application problems
  • Give developers the insights they need to support your apps
  • Real-time monitoring
Application Dashboard


Application performance

Find app performance problems

Ensure your users’ positive experience by monitoring your web pages performance. Identify parts of your application that need performance tuning.

  • Get insights to user satisfaction
  • Monitor page load times
  • Track code level performance
  • Monitor database query speeds


Server monitoring designed for apps

One integrated monitoring solution for servers, application performance, and application metrics. From one dashboard monitor everything about your app and even review errors and logs.

  • Supports all Windows & Linux servers
  • Cloud based monitoring – simple installation
  • Easy to configure monitoring specific to your application
Multi server monitoring
Custom metrics

Track important app metrics

Stackify makes it easy to monitor the key metrics and performance indicators that are relevant to your application and business. Customize to your needs and ensure that your application is functioning and performing properly.

  • Use the Stackify API to track performance and usage of anything
  • Server, web server, and application container metrics
  • Website page load times
  • Windows performance counters
  • JVM mBeans

Intelligent error reporting & alerting

Stackify can aggregate all of your application errors and alert you when a new error or high error rates occur. Stop logging errors to a log file or database table that you never review. Find the application problems that you didn’t even know existed.

  • Get enhanced email or SMS notification when new errors or high error rates occur
  • View stack traces, web request details, and log statements
Error dashboard


Logs dashboard

Search and view app logs

Stackify can aggregate all of your application logs together so developers can troubleshoot application problems quickly.

  • Easy to use via common application logging frameworks
  • Full text searching
  • Tail log files in real time

Solve production access problems

Stackify optionally allows you to grant read only access to some server functions via our web application. This is a great solution for giving developers the access they need to troubleshoot application problems without giving them administrator level server access or risk direct login. Using this features companies can solve application issues quicker while improving production server level security.

  • Granular security controls
  • View and tail server log files
  • View application configs and Windows Event Viewer
  • View running processes and application status
  • Restart applications & process (with the right permission)

Monitor app resources

Monitor your entire application stack to ensure your application is functioning properly.

  • Monitor website URLs for page load times and specific content
  • Monitor database query performance and results
  • Ensure your app queues don’t get backed up
  • Monitor file creation and content

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