Help is on the way for developers troubleshooting apps

Webinar log error

In the past several years applications evolved and became more complex, pushing developers to play a more central role in supporting them. However the tools that developers are using to troubleshoot application issues haven’t properly evolved and remain very limited. Logs are still being dumped to endless files on different servers, making finding the right info in time of crisis very hard. Errors have limited info and finding root cause is tedious and ineffective.

In this webinar the speakers will discuss how the next generation of developer tools are combining errors and logs with contextual application info, shortening time to resolution and simplifying root cause analysis. They will also present effective ways to incorporate such tools into the code you are writing, making future support tasks easier and shorter.

Jason Taylor, Chief Technology Officer
Craig Ferril, Chief Operations Officer
Moderator: David Rubinstein, Editor-in-Chief, SD Times