Stackify Linux Agent 2.0 and Java APM 1.15 Release

Stackify’s Linux Agent 2.0 & Java APM 1.15 Release Is Here!

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Stackify is thrilled to announce our latest release, Linux Agent 2.0 and Java APM 1.15. We think you’ll be excited about this release, too, and here are just a few reasons why.

What’s New in Our Linux Agent 2.0 and Java APM Release?

In this latest release, we’ve added additional agent installation options and support for additional application servers, including:

  • Apt and Yum support for agent installation and update:
    • sudo apt-get install stackify-agent
    • sudo yum install stackify-agent
  • Agent installation on EBS
  • Support for additional application servers including:
    • Oracle WebLogic (12.x)
    • IBM WebSphere (8.x, 9.x, Liberty)
    • Apache TomEE (1.7.x, 7.0.x)


Everything You Already Love About Retrace

You’ll get everything you already know and love about Retrace; we’ve just made agent installation a bit more seamless and added support for additional application servers. After all, our goal is for Retrace to be easy to install and use. It works out of the box with your stack with automatic instrumentation of all popular application frameworks, dependencies, and other common services, including:

  • Amazon and AWS libraries
  • Various .NET and Java frameworks
  • NoSQL such as MongoDB and Elasticsearch
  • Multiple SQL databases
  • Caching including Redis, memcached, and more

That means taking advantage of Retrace’s proven ability to give you insights not only on how your apps are performing but also why transactions are slow and failing – now when you need them most, not when it’s already too late.

Retrace APM

With Retrace, you can manage all of your applications, quickly identify why your app is having performance problems (rather than just recognizing that a problem exists without further insights into the where, how, and why), identify what web requests are most frequent and which requests take the most time, which web requests are most impacted by dependencies such as SQL or Elasticsearch, and more. Plus, Retrace gives you:

  • Code-level performance tracking (not just any code profiler – Prefix!)
  • SQL query performance reporting
  • Robust error tracking and monitoring
  • Integrated log searching
  • Customizable method-level profiling
  • And much more!

Retrace App Performance Reporting

It’s not just the many great APM features but the combination of APM, errors and logs, metrics and monitoring that make Retrace an incredibly powerful tool for your dev toolkit. In fact, Retrace is the only developer tool that combines APM, application and server logging, error tracking and monitoring, and server, application and custom metrics into a single suite of tools. It’s like giving your apps (and you) an unfair advantage, and at an unbelievably low cost – Retrace starts at just $10 per month for QA and pre-production servers and just $25 to $50 per month for production servers. In other words, elite developer tools at a budget price any developer can afford.

How to Install the Stackify Linux Agent and Java APM

Ready to install the Stackify Linux Agent and Java APM on AWS Elastic Beanstalk (Tomcat), AWS EC2 (Amazon Linux), RedHat and CentOS-based Linux systems, or Ubuntu and Debian-based Linux systems? We’ve got you covered. Installation is as easy as a few simple steps. Select an option below for detailed installation instructions:

Install the latest Stackify Linux Agent and Java APM today to take advantage of all the powerful Retrace features you can’t live without.

We love to hear your feedback because it helps us serve you better! So, let us know what you think about this latest release.

About Stackify

Stackify provides developer teams with unparalleled visibility and insight into application health and behavior, both proactively in a monitoring role as well as reactively in a troubleshooting role, while eliminating the need to login to servers and other resources in order to investigate application problems.