Live Web Event—Introducing Free New Dev Tool!

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Hello developer. You’ve spent your career building shiny objects for other people, and now it’s time one was build for you. “Can it be free?” you ask. Absolutely! We wouldn’t have it any other way.

No worries, no SPAM. Opt-out anytime.

Introducing Prefix: a free, slick, super-profiling sidekick for .NET developer workstations. You’ll never build applications the same way again.


At Stackify, we built Prefix for developers like you who care about catching and fixing things fast. We all want to build better software and have fewer issues when the app hits testing or production.


  • Is totally free
  • Is powered by Stackify’s .NET profiling & APM expertise
  • Runs on developer’s workstations without ever affecting performance (real-time, all the time)
  • Captures all ASP.NET requests, SQL queries, web service calls, and much more

We know our devs are loving Prefix, but we haven’t released v.1 yet.

Here’s how you get early access:

  1. Register for our Shiny New Object for Shiny Object Builders Live Web Event where Matt Watson—creator of Stackify and Prefix—will take you for a tour and answer all your questions.
  2. Get the access code during the webinar – you’ll need it to download the software.
  3. Download Prefix and take if for a spin for free, forever.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this exclusive event and witness the power of having the right sidekick. We’ll also be giving away sets of our Developers Against Humanity game, and a $250 Amazon gift card to lucky, live attendees.


This can only be good. Register now!