Microsoft Build 2017 Review of Day Two – Windows News & Updates

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Welcome to Build and our Build 2017 review of day two! You can read our review of day one here:

Microsoft Build 2017 Review of Day One – Azure News & Updates

The theme of day two was all about love and engagement. New ways for developers to get their users to love their apps and increase engagement.

Build 2017 Review & Highlights for Day Two

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

They announced the next major update for Windows, previously known as codename Redstone 3. Seems to be a heavy focus on additional 3D capabilities. Including the new Story Remix app, Fluent Design, and cross-platform capabilities.


Story Remix

Amazing new video editing app that allows users to mix video, photos, and 3D objects. They showed off some pretty amazing demos.

It appears they have leveraged a lot of the mixed reality technology to bring 3D to videos. They demoed pinning 3D objects into a video and the object moved and scaled within the video. #mindblown


New Fluent Design

Microsoft showcased next generation UI ideas. Including 3D lighting, UI depth, motion and more. Microsoft has enabled easy ways to use these new fluent design elements in XAML apps.

They also demoed some new capabilities around ink that were really awesome. I especially like the idea of being able to mark up PDFs with ink.

OneDrive Files On-Demand

As part of the Fall Creators Update, users will be able to store all their files in the cloud and only download files as they are needed. You no longer have to store gigabytes of files on your PC synced from the cloud. You can access your files ad-hoc as you need them.


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Windows Timeline

New Windows feature to track what recent apps and activities you have been doing. This looks awesome to track down what you were doing earlier without having to leave that app running all the time. They also showcased how this can work across multiple devices. Including the ability to move data between devices to continue an activity. Cortana is Timeline aware and can help you complete activities across devices.


Cloud-powered Clipboard

New ability to copy data or a file across devices. This will be really awesome for moving photos from your phone to your PC, as well as many other use cases. I believe Apple recently released some similar functionality across MacOS and iOS.

Project Rome

Rome is a new SDK that helps power all of the cross-device capabilities. Including the new Timeline and cloud clipboard. Being able to track within our software user activity and let them continue it on another device is pretty awesome.


.NET Standard 2.0 for UWP

This fall UWP will now support .NET Standard. This will enable UWP developers to leverage more of their .NET code across all platforms via shared libraries.

XAML Standard 1.0

This will enable Xamarin Forms and UWP to share the same XAML UI markup across platforms. This will make creating apps that run across devices a little easier.

UWP for Visual Studio Mobile Center

New support for testing UWP apps across multiple devices. Including running tests and visually seeing how your app looks across devices.


Windows 10 S

Microsoft pitches it as a more secure platform that only allows Windows Store based apps. This likely would cut down on spyware which can run rampant across weird download websites.

This will also force more developers to make their apps available in the Windows Store or risk users not being able to use it. They announced Spotify and iTunes as good examples of this.

Ultimately, this will also help Microsoft make more money via the Windows Store. Google Chrome is also not supported for Windows 10 S because all apps must use Microsoft’s web browsing capabilities for security reasons. This is similar to WebKit on iOS.


Linux on Windows Updates

Ubuntu is now part of the Windows Store. I believe previously you had to enable Windows 10 Developer Mode to get it. They also announced that Fedora and openSUSE shells will also be supported.


Xamarin Live Player

You can now easily deploy from Visual Studio to an iOS or Android app and have full debugging capabilities.You can also edit XAML and see it update in real time on your device. This is an amazing enhancement!


Windows Narrator

New developer mode to make it easier to test their apps for the visually impaired. This is great for helping developers perfect their apps for the Windows Narrator.

Motion Controllers for Mixed Reality

You can now use handheld controllers to create more types of gestures to interact with the virtual world.


New HP & Acer Headsets for $399 with Motion Controllers

Amazing to see this technology so affordable! Mixed reality will finally be affordable for everyone to use.


Order yours:


We hope you enjoyed our Microsoft Build 2017 review for day two. If you couldn’t make it to Build, this should give you a good list of things to look up and learn more about. Microsoft continues to push the bar with Windows and mixed reality. I’ve excited to see how mixed reality continues to evolve.

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