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Big Stackify .NET APM Update is Here! v4.6 of Windows Agent Release

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After many months of hard work, we are preparing to release the latest Retrace agent for Windows / .NET, and along with this release, there are some changes to how we will be releasing our agents in the future.

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Change Around Automatic Agent Updates

We have listened to a lot of feedback from our user base, and combined with the pace of our releases, have decided to disable automatic updates of agents by default, for both Windows and Linux.

As always, when we have a new release, it will be the active download for new installs (available on the “Getting Started” page in the Retrace portal). This ensures that you will always be getting the latest version when you need it.

However, for some time automatic updates have been managed by the Stackify Environments you have defined. To date, the default is allow automatic updates for each environment; we have changed that to default to no automatic updates; you may now “opt in” rather than “opt out.” If you wish to continue receiving automatic updates, please opt in your applicable environments.

NOTE: If you script your agent install for new servers, such as for Azure Cloud Services or Azure App Services, any new instances will always get the latest version. Retrace for Azure App Services will continue to auto-update as well, until a later release.

Otherwise, for existing installs, you can still manually update to the latest version by downloading and running the installer on that server; or by using the Server Settings dialog in the Retrace portal and clicking “Update Agent”

In the near future, we will be adding some features to better notify you of when agent updates become available, by the Retrace portal and email.

Changes to the .NET Windows Agent

So, what’s in the new version (4.6)? Glad you asked!

Please note that these changes all center around the Windows agent and .NET CLR profiler itself. Many of them are technical changes in how we collect and process the data that is then uploaded to the Retrace portal. This announcement is not in reference to any changes of functionality within the Retrace portal, except auto-updates.

  • Significant optimizations to our .NET CLR profiler to reduce CPU overhead in your applications
  • Reduced CPU usage in our monitoring agent that runs as a Windows Service
  • Fixes for various bugs in profiling
  • An improved update / uninstall experience that will prevent app pool recycles that were happening in some scenarios
  • Minor improvements to installer for .NET Core and Windows Services

When will it be available?

Retrace Windows AgentAvailable Now
Retrace for Azure App Services (auto-updates)3/9/17

At Stackify, we always love hearing your feedback, so please let us know what you think of these changes.

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