Stackify New Features to Start 2013

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For those of us at Stackify, 2012 was an exciting year. In that time, we have brought to market a product that we feel, and from what we’ve been hearing from our users, is long overdue and fills a critical gap in the tool belt of developers, DevOps, and system admin professionals. There are a  lot of different tools that will tell you your server is down. But, what you’re really looking for goes way beyond that.

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You’re trying to monitor application health (is my application running correctly?) in addition to server health. You need to conform to and enforce your compliance and security policies. And, you need to give developers and DevOps teams access to troubleshoot and solve problems quickly in production.

We listened. And wrote a lot of code. And, we listened some more. We built Stackify to fill these critical gaps in your arsenal for ensuring your technology can consistently deliver value to your stakeholders, while reducing the amount of time that your dev team spends doing non-productive work.

And, of course, we’re still listening – we love hearing how we can help you and your team be more effective, how we can tackle problems for you that you’ll never get to because you need to push out that next release chock full of features. Recently we heard many of you echo similar sentiments about what would give you and your team back hours each week. Here’s what we have delivered in our first release of new features for 2013.

Granular Security

Maybe you want to give a developer the ability to restart your IIS App Pool, but not browse the file system. Or, you need to control who sees your config files because your production database connection string is in there, and leaking that poses a security or data privacy risk. Or, maybe you want to give the QA team access to the staging database but not production. Heck, it could be that on a single machine, you have multiple people responsible for a variety of different applications – you want one person to be able to recycle the IIS App Pool, another to be able to restart the FTP service, and yet another person to tend to a vital Windows service, all without overlapping or tripping over one another.

With Stackify’s Granular Security, now you can handle all of those scenarios and more. At a server, application, directory, and even file type level, you can put strict controls around who can see and do what within your environment. Whether it’s separation of duties, regulatory/compliance considerations, or just a desire to make sure that nobody has more access and power in a sensitive environment than they absolutely need, our Granular Security features give you a great deal of power for making sure access is granted to only those who need it. 

Monitor Templates

When you’re monitoring servers and apps, you quickly realize that not all are created equal. Each of them within a type comes with their own personality. From a server perspective, your web server will behave differently than your app server which will behave differently than your database server. By the time you setup your monitors, alerts, and notifications just how you want them, you want to make sure every server of the same type gets the same treatment. With Monitor Templates, set it up once and then apply to many.

Log File Tailing

One of the age-old troubleshooting techniques for Unix/Linux folks is to simply use the tail command to watch the tail end of a file as it updates in real time, looking for some critical piece of info to come through to explain why your application is misbehaving. One of the first things a *nix person discovers when moving to Windows is… there’s no tail command! Furthermore, to run the tail command, of course, you need terminal access to the machine, which isn’t always possible. 

With the Stackify Live File Tailing functionality, you get web-based file tailing in real-time so you can see what’s happening within any file (probably a log file, but use your imagination!) remotely without having to login. Want to tail multiple files on multiple machines simultaneously? Yeah, you can do that, too. 🙂

More to Come!

As our user base continues to grow and we collect feedback about opportunities to add value, our road map becomes more and more exciting. We know you’re struggling to come to grips with the challenges of delivering more value faster for your stakeholders, while at the same time delivering ever better SLAs, faster turn-around time, and a more secure infrastructure.

Stackify helps you solve these challenges. If you haven’t done so already, download a free trial and see for yourself. Then, join the conversation – tell us what would help you save hours every week on support that you could redirect toward new value creation, maintain compliance and a strong security posture, and keep your apps healthy and delivering the kind of stability and up-time that your stakeholders are looking for.