New release announced: Provides DevOp visibility and shorten application time to resolution

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Supporting complex business applications requires access and correlating details across multiple sources and tools. Stackify’s new release provides an unmatched combination of tools that collect application and server related diagnostic data at all levels. It provides an immediate value within seconds of installation which include not only performance monitoring, but also trends, user satisfaction, error rates, and the relations between the servers and applications. This provides a complete picture of a very complex environment.“Agile development makes release cycles shorter than they used to be in the past, forcing developers to be more involved in day-to-day IT operations. However, at the same time it reduces developers ability to get the information they need to resolve issues in their applications. Stackify brings all the relevant information needed for developers and operations to diagnose the issue and effectively resolve it in a secured manner.” said Matt Watson, Founder & CEO of Stackify. “There are a lot of tools in the market that provide some of the information, but when an issue occurs it is very hard to pinpoint the problem across multiple tools, servers, and environments. Our platform streamlines this process by providing all the relevant information they need to resolve specific applications problems in one tool. ”Read more or try the new version now

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