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Open Sourcing Stackify Client Libraries (& updated NuGet packages)

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We’re happy to release something that a lot of our customers have asked about lately: we have open-sourced our client libraries for Smart Error & Log Management. They can be found here:

Here are the projects that you will find in our repo, along with updated details and instructions for how to install and use our libraries:


This contains all of our goodies for .Net developers. Our direct library, including custom metrics, plus extensions and wrappers for log4net (including v1.2.10), Elmah and nLog. All of these are available as NuGet packages as well (more on that below).

Of particular note, we have made a couple of big changes in response to client demand:

  • Our own dependency of a particular version of Newtonsoft JSON libraries has been merged into our assembly as an embedded resource. This is to avoid conflicts with our clients who cannot move off a particular version. We used Costura.Fody to accomplish this, and if you fork the source, you can use it as well.
  • Log4net support has been split into two different projects: one requires a minimum version of 2.0.0 (1.2.11), and will work with any newer version with an assembly binding redirect. The other supports 1.2.10 specifically, which used a different public key, so assembly binding redirects are not supported. Confused? Read up here.


This is the base library for Java to use Smart Error & Log Management. It is ussed by stackify-log-logback and stackify-log-log4j12.


Appender for logback


Appender for log4j 1.2


Allows you to build and log custom metrics from Java to Stackify.


An AspectJ AOP Extension to the stackify-metrics library.


J2EE and JAX-RS servlet filters for capturing web request details, to use with stackify-log-logback and stackify-log-log4j12.


Ruby gem for Smart Error & Log Management, plus libraries for custom metrics.


We’ve also released NuGet package updates for all of our .Net libraries, to be found here.

StackifyLib (direct logging)






REST API & Other upcoming projects

Our own libraries have been carefully constructed to make sure they operate efficiently. For example, we process messages to our Stackify Services asynchronously so that your code execution is not blocked. Occasionally, we have a client that does need direct API access from client side code or other scripting languages. Over the next few weeks, you’ll see us add some more documentation, specifically around our REST API, which will allow you to send errors, logs, and custom metrics to us from any code base you could possibly wish to use.

Further, we will be adding some support to extract your data back from Stackify to use any way you like.

There will be more packages coming as well, please follow our blog to know when they have been released. Coming up specifically in the near future are libraries for:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Node.js
  • Javascript

We look forward to seeing the libraries and plugins our clients will create!

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