5 Companies to Watch in the Silicon Prairie

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This past year, I was introduced to the Silicon Prairie when I hosted Big Omaha and spoke at Thinc Iowa. What’s the Silicon Prairie you ask? It’s just the hottest area in the country for tech startups that you never heard of.

Important Skills for .NET Developers

Top .NET Developer Skills According to Tech Leaders and Experts

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Microsoft’s .NET Framework is incredibly popular, and its widespread use is one of the reasons C# is gaining ground as one of the most popular and most-used programming languages. What’s more, .NET Core, a modular, open-source (check out the code on GitHub) development stack that’s already used by ASP.NET and .NET Native, is quickly gaining speed, which will heavily influence the …

What is Cloud-Native

What is Cloud-Native? Is It Hype or The Future of Software Development?

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For quite a while now, cloud-native has been one of the hottest topics in software development. Some developers just call it hype that will lose traction and disappear after some time. For others, it’s the future of software development. Whatever tomorrow brings, cloud-native is currently one of the biggest trends in the software industry. Additionally, it has already changed the …

Laravel Logging Tutorial

Laravel Logging Tutorial

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Regardless of what language and framework you use, proper logging is crucial to web development. Logging is key when it comes to debugging and performance monitoring. Knowing how to properly use logging frameworks is an essential part of creating high-quality software that is easy to debug. In this article, we will discuss in-depth coverage on Laravel, which is the most …

Netreo Launches Prefix Premium Real-Time Application Profiler

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Helping Developers Release Bug-Free, Optimized Application Code Every Time Huntington Beach, Calif. – September 14, 2021 – Netreo, the award-winning provider of IT infrastructure and application performance management solutions, today announced general availability of Prefix Premium, the real-time application code profiler built for developers by developers. Prefix Premium helps application developers push fully optimized and error-free code into production efficiently …

Node.js Performance Monitoring

Node.js Performance Monitoring

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Software developers use the Node.js environment to develop robust and innovative applications. But the bigger the goal, the higher the risk. Learn about Node.js performance monitoring to ensure quality and risk-free software products. Part of diligent software development is making sure all system applications work well individually and as a whole. Alongside functionality tests and quality assurance procedures, it’s imperative …

Java Memory Leaks

What to Do About Java Memory Leaks: Tools, Fixes, and More

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Memory management is Java’s strongest suit and one of the many reasons developers choose Java over other platforms and programming languages. On paper, you create objects, and Java deploys its garbage collector to allocate and free up memory. But that’s not to say Java is flawless. As a matter of fact, memory leaks happen and they happen a lot in …

Top 5 Node.js performance measurement metrics

The Top 5 Node.js Performance Measurement Metrics

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Using Node.js as a JavaScript runtime has its advantages. However, it requires significant maintenance to keep it working as expected. Here are the top metrics you should monitor for Node.js performance measurement analysis.  Application programming interfaces or APIs that use the Node.js runtime environment are scalable. Node.js is asynchronous and event-driven, which means the application can handle multiple connections at …

How to Catch All Exceptions in C# & Find All Application Errors

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Exception handling is a critical component of every software application. The last thing you want your users to see is errors, or even worse, your application crashing. In this article, we will discuss how to find and catch all exceptions in C# applications. .NET provides several different ways to catch exceptions and view unhandled exceptions. Topics in this article: Catching …

Global Exception Handler with C# Web API

How to Handle Global Exception Handler with C# Web API

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Exception handling is a critical process for every software application. Imagine an application where users often see weird errors or an application that is constantly crashing. When exceptions remain unhandled, your application is quickly heading toward demise. Fortunately, as long as exceptions are handled correctly they are recoverable, and you’ll learn how as you read on. This article focuses on …

Javascript – Currying VS Partial Application

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Partial application and currying are two ways to transform one function into another. Many people get confused and are unable to differentiate between partial application and currying. Many people cannot even determine when and where to use each one in JavaScript. However, both work differently. In this article, we’ll explain the difference and practical usage of the two of them. …

How to Find Hibernate Performance Issues in Development and Production

How to Find Hibernate Performance Issues in Development and Production

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The Java Persistence API (JPA) is used in most Java applications to interact with a relational database. One of its most popular implementations is the Hibernate ORM, because it uses object-relational mapping to abstract database interactions and makes implementing simple CRUD operations very simple. But this abstraction also has its downsides. Hibernate uses a lot of internal optimizations and hides …

Troubleshoot performance with visual studio profiler

How to Troubleshoot Performance with a Visual Studio Profiler

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Performance profilers mainly aid developers in analyzing the performance of applications. The purpose is to improve poorly performing sections of code that make up the functions of the application. When you say performance profilers, common names that come to mind are Visual Studio performance profilers and Prefix by Netreo. In this article, we will focus on the specific Visual Studio …

A Step By Step Guide to Tomcat Performance Monitoring

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Application server monitoring metrics and runtime characteristics are essential for the applications running on each server. Additionally, monitoring prevents or resolves potential issues in a timely manner. As far as Java applications go, Apache Tomcat is one of the most commonly used servers. Tomcat performance monitoring can be done with JMX beans or a monitoring tool such as MoSKito or JavaMelody. …

Web Application Monitoring Tools

Top 5 Web Application Monitoring Tools You Should Know

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Web application monitoring tools can keep your business afloat. Period.  Imagine this. You’re about to run a crucial end-of-season sale on your website. You’ve sent your emails, run social media campaigns, paid for advertisements, and stocked up your inventory; you are all set to let the cash register ring.  However, on D-day, your website goes down. It’s unable to handle the …

Understanding IIS Log Files

Understanding IIS Log Files: Operating Instructions

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Introduction Commonly, your website or app functions perfectly until you release it. During testing, you might seem to have control over everything. But, sooner or later, you will face some challenges. In fact, it is totally normal when something goes wrong. The most important thing is how you settle these problems. In most cases, issues with availability alerts and users’ …


How To Optimize Python Code

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Currently, Python is the most used programming language for different projects around the world. According to statistics, 44.1% of programmers choose Python coding language for application/web development. However, that does not mean that Python developers are exempt from creating messy and inefficient code that can cost you and your clients time and money This is where Python code optimization comes …

Top visual studio profiling tools

Top Visual Studio Profiling Tools

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Are you having performance issues with your applications? Maybe it’s time you make use of profiling tools. If you have Visual Studio applications, you’ll want to know the most popular Visual Studio profiling tools available. Visual Studio, Microsoft(R) Visual Studio or VS is a very popular integrated development environment (IDE) for Microsoft Windows. There is no debate that VS is …

Get a A How to Guide for Developers

Web Performance Monitoring: A How to Guide for Developers

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As developers, we would rather be writing code all day than doing anything else. Especially meetings or fighting production problems. Unfortunately, both are part of the job. All developers need to understand the basics of web performance monitoring. It won’t help you get out of meetings, but it will help prevent production fires and put them out faster. Although, I …