Prefix for ASP.NET Core RC1 is available!

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We are excited to have you try out the latest version of Prefix which now supports ASP.NET Core RC1. We have been playing with the new version of ASP.NET since the early betas to ensure that we could support it. We pride ourselves as being one of the industry leaders when it comes to profiling solutions for .NET, so ASP.NET Core has been a high priority for us.

UPDATE: .NET Core is now fully supported. Can read more about support in Prefix and Retrace APM here:

Stackify Retrace APM for .NET Core


What works and doesn’t work

Currently only .NET 4.5 and 4.6 is supported. Core CLR (aka dnxcore50) is not yet supported. We do have plans to support it after it goes to RC2. Prefix currently works best if you launch your app via IIS Express and Visual Studio. We have seen some issues with starting in the “dnx web” mode. We are looking into it and will get that resolved. Only ASP.NET Core on Windows is currently supported.


How to use Prefix

Using Prefix with ASP.NET Core is really simple. Just install Prefix on your workstation and then add our NuGet package StackifyMiddleware to your project. Then you are good to go. You can get the full details in our docs.


Get Prefix Power on a server!
Get Prefix Power on a server!

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