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Retrace uncovers problems in your application so your team can be more productive.

Retrace supports .NET & Java applications

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Find bugs, performance problems, and identify ways to improve your app.

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Brian LaLonde, Servant Systems

"We were up and running with Retrace APM within an hour. Insight was gained into slow running calls of our endpoint within a day's worth of data. Value seems amazing vs the other big APM out there. Go for it."

Brian LaLonde, Servant Systems

Why Retrace is the #1 APM for developers

Integrated APM + log management

Integrated APM + log management
Understand the performance of your application along with your logs. Retrace combines these in one simple tool.

Detailed code level tracing

Detailed code level tracing
Retrace utilizes lightweight code profiling to collect detailed snapshots of what your code is doing and how long it takes.

Affordable for companies of all sizes

Affordable for companies of all sizes
Retrace is a simple SaaS based solution designed to be affordable for companies of all sizes.

One solution for everything developers need

Combine several tools into one
Retrace integrates code profiling, exception tracking, application logs, and key metrics to make it easy to solve problems. 

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Feature Highlights

Application performance monitoring for your stack

Quickly identify which part of your application stack is the bottleneck and which web requests are being affected.

  • Slow application dependencies
  • Slow SQL Queries
  • Slow web requests
  • Top application errors
Retrace Application Performance Monitoring Screenshot

View your application logs from anywhere

Easily aggregate your logs from common logging frameworks.

  • Integrated error & web request profiling traces
  • Support for log tags & structured logging
  • Log monitoring

Find every exception in your code

Quickly find exceptions in your code before your customers do.

  • View related logging to an exception
  • Identify unique exceptions
  • Monitor exception rates
  • Find application bugs quickly!

Common logging frameworks are also supported for reporting exceptions to Retrace.

Retrace your code with lightweight code profiling

Retrace uses lightweight profiling to capture critical details about what your code is doing. Get deep, code-level insights into your application’s health. We call it Retrace because you can literally retrace what your code is doing!

  • Key methods in common libraries
  • SQL queries
  • External HTTP calls
  • Exceptions
  • Log messages
  • … and much more

Track and monitor all key application & server metrics

Monitor everything about your servers and applications in one place. Retrace includes powerful monitoring capabilities.

  • Charting, alerts, & notifications
  • Server monitoring
  • Windows Performance Counters & Java mBeans
  • Custom application metrics via Stackify SDKs
  • Error rates
Track and monitor all key application & server metrics

Retrace works out of the box with your .NET or Java stack

Retrace works out of the box with your stack

Retrace integrates with your existing tools

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