The first ever devAPM

CEO Matt Watson visits the Azure Podcast.

Retrace your code from dev to prod

Build with Azure in mind, Retrace provides powerful application performance management for your developer teams and applications.

Stackify Retrace APM 's Microsoft Azure

Stackify has used Azure for nearly 5 years. We have been eating our own dogfood for a long time. If you want the best APM (application performance management) solution available for Microsoft Azure & ASP.NET, you are in the right place!

Retrace works perfectly with multiple Azure deployment options.

Getting started with Azure? Using the “Hybrid cloud”?

Virtual Machines

If you are deploying a new application to Microsoft Azure and you aren’t sure how it is going perform, Retrace can help. Retrace can give you confidence that your application is working perfectly and your customers are happy.

You can use Retrace to track all of your applications across all of your deployments, no matter where they are. Retrace works with Microsoft Azure, AWS, and traditional physical or virtual server hosting. If you have access to the server, then you can install Retrace on it.

Cloud Services

App Services

SQL Azure

Retrace works with Azure PaaS features


Document DB

Service Bus

Retrace APM was built for the cloud, PaaS, and apps that scale.


If your app scales up and down throughout the day or week, Retrace will work perfectly. We also bill by the hour so you only pay for what you use.

Devs don't want Ops' job—they want theirs to be easier.

Retrace works with most common app stacks and can even show things like which cache key is being used, names of queues, etc.

Retrace is easy to install and use; it just works. Today's dev teams need a solution that's SaaS-based and ready to scale, so we built one just for them.

Retrace enables developers to quickly find bugs and improve application performance on QA/test and production servers. Retrace provides developers with a solution specifically designed to give them the visibility, data, and actionable insights they want and need.  

SaaS-based APM

See more with less effort. Retrace offers a single pane of glass for code performance and metrics, including integrated errors, and logs.

Designed for Devs

Deeper Code Insights

Retrace was designed for developers. Retrace tracks deep level details about your application to help find and fix problems quickly.

Developer teams need access and visibility to code performance once it's deployed to a remote server or device.

Retrace helps rapidly improve app performance by providing developers with greater visibility and access to their code once it's been deployed to a server. It also connects to Prefix, closing the loop on the entire application lifecycle.

They tell you if things are good, bad, or close to bad. But they fail at giving developers the details they need to really fix problems.

How is Retrace different than traditional APMs?

Traditional APMs are like expensive traffic lights

Retrace is like a magical developer map



Retrace what your code is doing (or not doing).

For .NET & Java Web Apps

Per Single

Core Server

Per Multi

Core Server


for Dev/Test


/ month



/ month

/ month

Per Server


for Production


Above rates include several enterprise features, including:

•  Single sign on via SAML

•  Two Factor Authentication

•  Granular security roles

Retrace is the server-based component in Stackify's code lifecycle toolbox for developers.

Retrace is bridging code performance data across environments worldwide.








Learn more about supported frameworks for:


Retrace works out of the box with your stack




No one will ever know these folks make mistakes. That's genius squared!

There are APM solutions—and then there are performance tools developers care about.

Is it safe to run APM on production servers?

How to track non-web transactions

Optimizing APM solutions for low overhead makes it safe for them to run on production servers. Retrace is optimized in a major way.

Check out these helpful posts to learn more:

Learn how to set up Retrace to track non web transactions with some minor code changes.

How GWB found hidden exceptions and more!

Exceptions in .NET can be very expensive when it comes to CPU cycles. Read how Geeks with Blogs used Retrace to improve app performance.

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