Find Hidden Errors in Your Code

Error management

Track All Errors

Retrace’s powerful code profiling can even track errors you aren’t logging

Monitor Error Rates

Quickly identify big spikes in errors before all of your customers are impacted

Email & SMS Notifications

Get notified when a new type of error is discovered within your app

Quickly Find & Fix Production Errors

Troubleshooting application problems is easy when you can correlate all of your data together!

Go From an Error to Full Transaction Trace

Retrace integrates error tracking and application logging with it’s APM code profiling functionality.

  • View related log messages to the error
  • Detailed transaction traces for your applications
  • View log statements, errors, SQL queries  executed,  external  HTTP  web  service  calls, and more
Track Errors Between Deployments

Identify new errors that happen just after a new deployment. Monitor error rates to ensure your application is running smoothly.

Retrace integrates with common deployment tools like Jenkins, Team City, Octopus and many others.

Shipping Your Errors to Retrace is Easy

Retrace supports common logging frameworks for most programming languages. A simple configuration change is all that is needed.

  • .NET – NLog, log4net, Serilog
  • Java – logback, log4j
Retrace APM can also automatically collect exceptions being thrown in your code, including many hidden exceptions!

Logging libraries for many other languages are also supported in addition to our REST API.

Retrace supports Java logs via logback, log4j, or our Java SDK.

Example configuration for log4j:

<appender name="Stackify" class="com.stackify.log.log4j12.StackifyLogAppender">
    <param name="apiKey" value="YOUR_ACTIVATION_KEY"/>
    <appender-ref ref="Stackify" />

Retrace supports .NET logs via log4net, NLog, Serilog, or our .NET SDK.

Example configuration for log4net:

      <level value="DEBUG" />
      <appender-ref ref="StackifyAppender" />
   <appender name="StackifyAppender" type="StackifyLib.log4net.StackifyAppender, StackifyLib.log4net" />

Top Error Tracking Features

retrace log management error details
View Web Request Details

For every error that you log, Retrace will attempt to collect any details about the current web request. These details are very valuable to get more context.

  • URL
  • Full stack trace
  • User details
  • Header, session, and cookie values
Identify Unique Errors

One of the key features of any error tracking system is the ability to de-duplicate and uniquely identify errors. This enables you to track how often each individual error occurs and enable alerts for new errors. 

You could send all of your errors to Elasticsearch, a database, or a log management system. Unfortunately, those systems don’t understand how to uniquely identify errors.

retrace log management tailing video
Real-time Tailing

Trying to troubleshoot something in production? Use Retrace to search and filter for exactly what you are looking for and then turn on tailing mode. The log viewer will automatically update with new errors and logs. 

View Related Log Messages
Since Retrace provides both error tracking and log management in one solution, you can view all of the log messages that are related to an error.Being able to see the related log messages provides much more context about what your code was doing.
error monitoring rates
Monitor Error Rates

Quickly identify problems with your software by monitoring your error rates. Get notified instantly when problems suddenly arise with a database query, external web service, or other application dependencies.

Retrace APM will alert you and give you all the details to identify the root cause.

Ignore Specific Errors

Some errors happen all the time and are essentially noise. They could be errors that you can’t fix in your code or they could be random SQL timeouts or similar errors.

With Retrace you can ignore specific errors. They still get tracked if you need to see them, but they get suppressed from normal reporting so they don’t skew your reporting.

Advanced Error Reporting

Retrace collects a lot of context data about what is occurring when an error is thrown. This data can be very useful for error reporting purposes.

Quickly get a list of your customers or users being affected by an error.

See every unique stack trace, URL, or method name that are all impacted by the error.

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